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    Hello and Happy St. Patties Day!

    A bunch of us were planning a roadtrip this summer to the Falls on the N.Y. side. I was was wondering the fastest and scenic way there. I have something already mapped out. I was curious to see what some of you roadtrippers had in mind. We are leaving from NYC and its going to be a weekend thing. Any suggestions would be cool. Or ideas on where to stay.


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    If you have time, plan to hop over to the Canadian side - a different & I feel, better view...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoadTripper301
    I was wondering (about) the fastest and scenic way.
    It's possible, but not necessary, that the two are the same. I took a look at what I would use as the fastest route. Such a route would stick to the interstates, using I-80, I-380, I-81, and I-90. Now, that can certainly be done in a day and is pretty enough, so if by "fastest and scenic" you mean the fastest route, which is also scenic, that's what I'd choose. However, if you meant the fastest route and separately a scenic route, then my scenic choice would go something like this. Still using I-80, I-380, and I-81 to Scranton, PA, take US-6 west to Towanda, then US-220 north to NY-17/I-86 west, and I-390 up to I-90. This route is a few miles shorter and maybe a half hour longer, but takes you within an hour of two very scenic locations, the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania and New York's Letchworth State Park. Ultimately the choice is yours, and of such choices are great RoadTrips made, but I don't think you can hardly go wrong on this one. Have a great time.


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    Thx for the info, Buck. I am going to be doing this trip with some buddies someI'm probably going to stick to the interstates. However my wife would like to take a trip up that way as well in the future just us. So Im checking out the routes that you have posted about. Again Thank you for your reply.

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