Ever since i was a little kid I loved travel. I lived in Florida, so the biggest thrill for me was to see mountains. My grandparents used to take me and my little brother all over the eastern united states. However as time tends to do, the trips stopped. The Adventures stopped. My parents werent much for road trips- so when my grandparents we no longer able to take us (dead), the trips became a memory. I remember saying, when im in college im going to pack up the car, get with my friends, and go on the biggest road trip of my life.

Seven years later, the time is here.
Quickly approching the end of my Freshman year of college and the University of Central Florida in Orlando, the trip is on the horizion. In May 2006 my two friends and I will travel across the country on an unbeleveable adventure. Heres what we have planned.

From Tampa Florida:
May 1st 2006 - Nashville Tennessee
May 2nd 2006-Des Moines Iowa
May 3rd 2006-Keystone South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore)
May 4th 2006-Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (camping)
May 5th 2006-Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (camping)
May 6th 2006-Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (camping)
May 7th 2006-Salt Lake City
May 8th 2006-Los Angeles California
May 9th 2006-Los Angeles California (The Price Is Right)
May 10th 2006-Los Angeles California
May 11th 2006-Los Angeles California (Jay Leno)
May 12th 2006-Los Angeles California
May 13th 2006-Sequoia National Forest (Camping)
May 14th 2006-Sequoia National Forest (Camping)
May 15th 2006- Grand Canyon
May 16th 2006- Zion National Park
May 17th 2006-Roswell NM
May 18th 2006-Dallas Texas
May 19th 2006-Baton Rouge
May 20th 2006-Tampa (home)

Alot of planning has gone into this trip. Ive used mapquest to determine the distance from Motel to motel, City to City. No days drive exeeds 11 hrs. I have countless maps and guides from AAA- including TripTic. However, what i dont have is experience. Ive read alot of posts on this site, I know its important to have a case of water in the car and have the car checked before leaving. However i have some questions.

-How exactly would i go about camping at the National Park camp sites? Its too early to make reservations (they dont reserve spaces until mid May) Check in times?

-What about Laundry?

-Dinner, cheap places to eat- fast food for 20days is not an option, i saw Super Size Me

- Can i expect snow in Wyoming in early may? (i've never seen it snow)

- I know problems will occur, what can i expect?

- I want to camp near the BIG sequoia trees in Sequoia, where are they?

Thats all i can think of now. But has anyone traveled any of these legs before?