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    Hello everyone!

    I'm looking to make regular trips from Baltimore, MD to Niagara Falls, Canada. Before, I've always flown from BWI to Toronto, but that becomes expensive, and I think I can save quite a bit of money by driving it. My understanding is that this drive takes 8 hours, so it doesn't seem too bad.

    Can I do it all within a day, just stopping for gas and food? Or do I need to get a hotel room for the night along the way? How tiring is an 8 hour drive? The furthest I've ever drove before is 3 hours to Atlantic City.

    Should I take I-70 to Pittsburgh, I-76 to I-79 to Erie, I-90 to Buffalo, and then cross into Canada? This may take longer, but it's on Interstates with signs of civilization along the way.

    Or should I take I-70 to I-99 to Altoona, then 219 through upper PA and lower NY to join I-90 in Buffalo? This may be the shortest way, but I'm concerned that it will have me driving through a lot of back roads that I may easily get lost in.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Default North by North(west)

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    My suggestion would be something different. Head north out of Baltimore on I-83 to Harrisburg. When you hit I-81, take that south for a little bit to US-22/US-322 north up the east side of the Susquehanna River. After these routes cross the river, switch to US-15 north all the way up to Corning, NY. From there you're back on interstates, I-86, I-390, and I-90 to Buffalo and then I-290 and I-190 to Niagara Falls. This is 415 miles, so easily doable in a day, and is actually a very pleasant drive. For comparison, your route by way of Pittsburgh is approximately 490 miles. Your Altoona/US-219 route is also about 415 miles, but I think you'll find the route I suggested a bit more populated and offers a good mix of both service stops as well as scenic options to get out of the car for mental health breaks. I last drove those roads when I lived in Ithaca, NY a few years ago At that time US-15 was being widened along through there so it should be even nicer now.


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    Default 8-hr drive

    AzBuck's route sounds like a good option.Regarding - can you do 8 hrs drive in a day. Sure! No prob!You'll see many of us "crazy" road trippers often travel much more than that in a day. Try it a couple times, then you'll know whether you prefer the flights or driving. Leave early - drive two+ hours - stop for fuel or coffee for 15 mins walk/stretch. Drive another two+ hours. Stop for a bite to eat if need be. Drive another couple hours & so on. You can easily be there by supper or early evening.

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