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    Default Gas cost?

    Well, i've just started planning a huge roadtrip with my boyfriend, and maybe another friend to save a bit of money.. and i was wondering if there is any way i can calculate how much money i would have to save up for gas? Because i don't drive, so it'll be my boyfriend who will do the driving, and therefore, i have no idea how to calculate that. we're planning to spend about 2 weeks in Cali! So we're gonna be gone for a whole month.

    Any tips on how to calculate Gas costs?

    So basicly, well leave montreal and drive through the US, and maybe spend a few days in Denver or something, so that my boyfriend can get some rest, and then we're gonna head to California, and spend about 2 weeks there, and then we'll come back to Montreal. We're not planning on stopping anywhere in the US, besides for sleeping in campings or cheap motels. We've just recently started talking seriously about this roadtrip, and we're just trying to see if it will be possible for us, since our budget is tight, but we've got a few months ahead of us to save up.

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    Default The Tool

    Welcome to the RTA Forum.

    I believe the tool you're looking for his the RTA Fuel Cost Calculator. Check it out by clicking here.

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    thank you very much! That was very helpfull!!

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