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Thread: Music poll?

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    One of the staples in life! Any suggestions for great traveling soundtracks? Compilations, movie soundtracks, genres, obscure, old, etc.

    We're looking for something that goes with scenery from Vegas, Arizona, NM, Texas, Arkansas?, Tennessee, and whatever states are in the midwest!!

    What's your favorite road music?

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    Default Road Tunes

    Greetings Organicsis and welcome to the RTA Forum!

    What's your favorite road music?
    Check out our music page. For other suggestions, try the Drive Time cds and this thread.


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    I'm in the process of getting my roadtrip music together (road trip doesn't start until late August lol!) and I've found "She Sells Sanctuary" by The Cult. Somehow I think this'll be just perfect for the trek through Arizona... Gotta have "All right now" (by Free?), "Take It Easy" by the Eagles (if only for the line 'Standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona...' Sooo gonna go there!) and I reckon Dire Strait's "Money for Nothing" will do you well.


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    Default Each Trip having a Soundtrack

    I used to have a thing about creating a "soundtrack" for each trip. The only reason I stopped was because my CD Burner quit working, but once I get one, I will be returning to my old habit of reating a full length "soundtrack" for the trip. Just one of my quirks.


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    And another- I reckon "Star Guitar" by The Chemical Brothers will do well on a desert drive...

    Just bought it on iTunes :)

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