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  1. Default Detroit to NYC...anyone done it???

    We're heading out tomorrow for New York from Detroit. I've heard many people say that driving through Ontario is faster than taking I-80. Any truth to this? Anyone ever done it? I mapped it out and going through Canada adds an extra 60 miles, but for some reason everyone I've talked to thinks it's faster. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    PS If the northern route IS faster, what's the best way to get down to the city once we hit Niagara Falls?

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    Default Head South!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum.

    If you were heading to Boston or Upstate New York (Rochester, Syracuse, Albany), I'd cut through Canada, but if you're going to New York city going south via I-80 will be your shortest/fastest route.

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    Great! Thank you! I have had a few friends insist I go through Canada, but it hasn't really made much sense to me. Not only the additional 60 miles, but also having to go through the border twice MUST add time. I-80 is it. Can't wait to get rolling!

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