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    My husband and I are taking our 9 and 12 year old boys for a 10,000 mile, 44 day road trip across the country and back this summer. We have never been away for that long, so I need to know what to do about my mail. I know it cannot be held by the post office for more than 30 days. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks.

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    Well. One option would be to rent a PO box (a large one) and let it pile up.

    Another suggestion might be to switch all of your bills to Paperless billing, this will eliminate any important items coming to your PO Box, so the remainder would be personal letters, subscriptions, and advertisments.

    Paperless billing will also allow you to keep tabs on your bills while on the road. Combine this with a large PO Box and a temporary forward, and you might not have much of a problem.

    A third option would be to temporarily forward your mail to your office, but unless you're like me and don't get much, I wouldn't recommend it.

    And the fourth option is to find a family friend you trust to house sit your home and take in the mail every couple of days and leave it on the counter.

    If I couldn't do #4, I would go with a large PO Box, Paperless Billing, and a temporary forward to the PO Box.

    Hope I was of some assistance!

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