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    Default need some tips on a roadtrip im taking

    im planning a road trip this summer with two of my girlfriends, were going to see my friend graduate in new hampshire. I took the liberty of planning everything because im a planning demon like that. So i was wondering about certain hotels, any recomendations? places with good prices and such?

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    Default Destination unknown

    Hi Mutzie,

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We would be more than glad to help you with your planning but you didn't tell us where exactly in NH you plan on going. Your profile says you are from Wisconsin, did you plan on taking more than one day to resume your trip? A great halfway point would be Buffalo, NY where you could either stay at the Buffalo Youth Hostel for 20-25$ each, at a Motel 6 for ~45$, or at the Lenox Hotel and Suites for about 70$.


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    were going to be in concord. Straight trip there, and then on the way back were going to do some sightseeing.

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    Default Lodging in Concord

    You might want to check with the local colleges if they offer summer residence accomodation. I had a hard time finding any Mom & Pop operations in Concord and none of them seems to have a website. Here's a list I found that includes them all. Just scroll down until you see Concord. There are also a few major hotel chains present in that area (Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Fairfield, etc.) , they are easily reachable via their websites. Finally, here's a link to B&Bs in that area.

    Happy planning and good luck!

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