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  1. Default Senior Trip through the Western U.S., any advice or thoughts would help, thanks.

    My friends and I are planning our senior trip from high school before we all have to go to separate colleges, we're planning a great road trip during mid June for two weeks from Bakersfield CA to San Fran, To Portland, to Seattle, to Vancouver, to Glacier National Park then to Yellowstone then to Salt Lake City then Las Vegas and finally returning to California. We pretty much have the route set down but does anybody have any good locations/things to do in the places I mentioned above? Also, is it difficult to cross the U.S./Canadian border around the Vancouver area? We have relatives in San Fran, Seattle, and Las Vegas to stay with but for the rest of the places we were looking at cheap hotels, around 50-70 dollars, does anybody know any good cheap places to stay? And overall is there any advice or things that we should really watch out for or should concern ourselves with?

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    Default Some tips

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Sounds like you've got a great trip ahead of you.

    In answer to a couple of your questions. Crossing into Canada isn't difficult as long as you're prepared and patient. The Crossing on I-5 is one of the busiest along the entire stretch of border, so be prepared to wait. It would not be unusual to have to wait 30 minutes or more to get to the checkpoint. Once you make it to the border guards, you'll make things much easier on yourself by having the proper paperwork: Either a passport or a Driver License AND your birth certificate. A Drivers License alone is not enough and a social security card is worthless at the border. Otherwise, just be prepared to answer some questions about what you are doing and where you are going. When I was living in Bakersfield, I actually ended up having a nice conversation with a border guard in New York who used to live near Lake Isabella.

    As far as cheap lodging, Motel 6 tends to be the cheapest of the chains, but Independent "mom and pop" places often are even less expensive. Check out Gen's Tips for Cheap Sleeps for some more thoughts on saving money at motels.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Default Some ideas

    We pretty much have the route set down but does anybody have any good locations/things to do in the places I mentioned above? [...] does anybody know any good cheap places to stay?
    From Bakersfield, take route 58 to the coast and use the Pacific Coast Highway (CA-1). For attractions in the North west, read that post. Cheap lodging near Yellowstone NP might be hard to find during high season but you can try your luck for a cabin (~45-55$) at the Roosevelt Lodge or at the Canyon Lodge & Cabins. For more info on Yellowstone NP and SLC, browse that thread. Unexpensive lodging in Salt Lake is available at the City Creek Inn or any youth hostel. Cheap or free entertainement is easy to find in Las Vegas, like the Light and Aound Show on Fremont Street or the Bellagio Fountain Show, The Stratosphere Tower (10$+) and its thrill rides. For more Las Vegas info, check out this website.

    Have a nice trip!
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    Thank you very much!!!!, Great advice and I will definitely look into what places Gen told me. For Midwest Micheal, thank you so much for the Canadian border info and I'll make sure we all bring our passports or driver's licenses and Birth Certificates and look into motel 6s and check out the link you provided me. Thank you again so much and I really appreciate the help.

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    Default Camping?

    You didn't mention it, but have you considered camping for part of your trip? It could save you quite a bit of money, and in some places, like Glacier NP for example, you can be a long way from a city with plentiful motel options. Plus, when you're camping you can save more money by grilling instead of eating at restaurants.

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    Yeah, that's a good idea I talked to the group about that when we started planning but most of them didn't mind paying about 50-70 dollars for a hotel room to share compared to packing the camping equipment because we barely have enough space. Also can you recommend attractions in Vancouver? We aren't at all familiar with that city but heard alot of good things about it but we just can't find what to do there.

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