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    Hi. I am currently planning my honeymoon and would like to incorporate a road trip into it. I am living in London, UK and am flying into LA and flying out of SF. I will have 4 nights "on the road" and was thinking of hiring a convertible and driving down Route 1. Given I do not have any further ideas, i need your help. Was looking to make it as romantic as possible, so would like to stay in scenic lodges, maybe go to some vineyards. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks very much

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    I'm not sure how much help you need. In picking CA-1 and the vineyards, you've already chosen two of the most romantic venues possible. I know that other contributors to this site have their favorite lodgings. Try the Search function on the toolbar at the top right. Also try a web search for Bed & Breakfast type establishments in the area. My wife loves the scale, decor and attentiveness of these places.

    As for ideas for activities: Visit some of the old Spanish Missions. Hike in a few of the many gorgeous state parks. Window Shop in Carmel. Take the 17 Mile Drive (toll) in Pebble Beach. Visit Hearst Castle. And the most romantic of all: Listen to your new wife and do what she wants to do.

    One word of warning, if you haven't already looked into it. Convertibles are fairly pricey to rent and many car hire firms will not rent them to you at all if you are under 25.

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    Thank you for the information AZBuck. The "listen to my wife" advice is something that will get me out of a lot of trouble, i'm sure. I will look into your suggestions and plan my itinerary accordingly. I'm aware of the convertible issues - i haven't looked into pricing yet but will definitely bear this in mind. Thanks

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    Default Romantic suggestions

    Here are a few additionnal places worth considering :

    -Beverly Wilshire Hotel featured in the movie Pretty Woman, West Hollywood;
    -Santa Monica Pier & Pacific Park at sunset;
    -Swing dancing at the Derby nightclub;
    -Drive the scenic Cabrillo blvd in Santa Barbara;
    -The Hourglass on Cota St. in Santa Barbara offers intimate indoor and outdoor hot tubs;
    -Lompoc Flower Festival;
    -Dinner at the Oasis in San Luis Obispo;
    -McWay Falls Trail, Pfeiffer Beach and Pfeiffer Falls Trail, Big Sur;
    -Poetry slam at the Henry Miller Library, Big Sur;
    -Point Lobos Reserve;
    -Sunset on Ocean Bvld in Monterey;
    -Twin Peaks in SF;

    And the most romantic of all: Listen to your new wife and do what she wants to do.
    Ah, AZBuck is definitely a wise man...Always lots of wisdom in his posts.:o)


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    Default Cayucos

    Quote Originally Posted by Road Trip Novice
    Hi. I am currently planning my honeymoon
    Congratulations on your pending wedding. Cayucos is one of my favorite towns along the southern California coast and one that I have always found to be romantic. It is located about half way between LA and San Francisco. There is a nice pub in town and a range of motels. The one I like is right on the beach, but the nicest part is that you can walk everywhere. I couldn't find a link to the one I use to stay at, but this one looks like a good bet.

    Happy Planning!


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    There is a town right in the middle of the trip from SF to LA (down the 1) that me and my girlfriend stop in EVERY time we make the trip. Its called san simeon. We go during spring, so im not sure what its like during summer... but we stay at this hotel ( and its about $80 for a JACUZZI SUITE. But the thing is, you cant book ahead. You just gotta drive there, get there in the evening, and if they haven't done much business that day, they give you like 1/3 price! Its amazing. In january we went for the third time, and we got a 1 bedroom jacuzzi suite with fireplace for $70!! This includes a continental breakfast too. All the hotels in this area offer the low prices, we just keep going to this one. You can also visit Heart Castle while you are there!

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    Thank you all for your kind replies. I definitely have enough information to plan my romantic road trip. I'll let you know how I get on

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