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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to this forum. I've just discovered it in my search for advice. My friends and I are planning a road trip (2-3 girls) through the Southern states in late May. We live in CA and plan to fly to Atlanta, rent a car at the airport and spend a week exploring South. (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi) Well, as much as we can see anyway...

    We're totally clueless where to start. Well, we need a map, which is as much as we know (neither of us has ever been to the South). Can someone point us in the right direction? What routes are best to take? How to calculate what time it'll take us to travel from one state to another? Anything that can come in handy.

    Thanks guys :-)

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    Default Déja Vu All Over Again

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Almost the identical question came up not too long ago, so I can hardly do better than to point you to this thread where a number of possibilities for RoadTrips in and around the south are laid out. One other possibility from Atlanta is to head southwest into the Heart of Dixie and see Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. If none of these appeals to you or you've got other specific things you'd like to see or do, speak up. But that should give you some good places to start the discussion and planning with your friends. As for looking at routes and the time it might take to get from point A to point B, try some of the on-line mapping software that's available, and do, by all means, get some good paper maps that you can mark up with highlighter, pushpins or whatever as you find places that y'all want to see.

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    Thank you very much for a quick reply. I'll download the sw and let you know how it works out for us :-)

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    Default Well, we need a map...

    Quote Originally Posted by legzy
    Well, we need a map, which is as much as we know
    Well, that is a good start. Here are the maps we personally own and recommend.

    As a general rule, you can figure that over 8-10 hours of travel on interstate highways that you will average about 57 mph (even though you may be driving at 75 mph+) by the time you take in account stopping for fuel, breaks and food. On two-lane highways with stop signs and other slow-downs that rule of thumb speed drops to around 52 mph over a eight hour period.

    What sorts of things interest you about the south? Do you have a preference for music, history, clubs, etc?


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    Thank you for the link to the maps, Mark.

    I was just thinking today of stopping by the bookstore and getting one. So that we can start mapping this whole thing out. Both of us visited East Coast (MA, CN, NY) several times, but have always wanted to go South. Personally, I've always wanted to see Atlanta and New Orleans (last year trip was postponed because of Katrina). We plan to stop in Atlanta for a day or two, try Southern foods, take tours, shop -- that sort of stuff, just see people and surroundings. No particular plan yet, so any suggestions are MORE than welcome!!!

    A friend of mine is more interested in visiting Alabama though. I think she knows more about it than I do. Too bad, we won't be able to visit New Orleans this time since it's still 'recovering' after what happenned, though I'm tempted and we might get as far as Louisiana.

    Thanks for the estimates on the average speed & stops :-)

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    Default A Few (Good?) Ideas

    My own experience in the deep south was similarly limited until I took a RoadTrip through there last summer. Have a look at my reports (here and here) for a few ideas. If you have other interests, speak up as I think I still have most of my searching for things to do bookmarked.


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