on May 25th 2006 My husband and I and our 9 yr old son and 5yr old daughter will begin our journey from Orlando FL to Seattle Wa. in our 2002 weekender VW van.
We need to make it out there by June 3rd. Great Grandma turns 100yrs old and there will be a huge shing ding for her.We will spend a few days visiting family than we have until July 1st to get home. We are looking for ideas on routes to get out there farly quick (8 days) but allowing for some important stops along the way. Than our route back we have more time to smell the roses and get out and really experience America.Please send us any suggestions,we are planning on camping most of the time. We need to make our money last to go for that long. Looking for your ideas on places of intrests, historical sites, national parks, good camping music festivals etc. Thanks