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  1. Default Girls Roadtrip to CO. Whitewater rafting and such!

    Hey, three friends and I are planning a trip to Colorado (from Iowa). Not that long of a drive. But we are looking for something to do along the way and mainly things to do in Colorado. The only thing on our list so far is whitewater rafting. :) We are planning our trip the middle of June and will probably be gone doing the trip in 10 days. Thanks for your help!
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    Default What interests you?

    Quote Originally Posted by kez4JC
    But we are looking for something to do along the way and mainly things to do in Colorado. The only thing on our list so far is whitewater rafting. :)
    Welcome to the Forum!

    It seems that you're interested in outdoor adventures for one, but what other things are you and your friends interested in? Museums, "park hopping", city-scene? And where are you going to do your whitewater rafting on... perhaps then we could give you some ideas that won't take you too far from your route.


  3. Default Interests??

    Hmm, I would say our group is very diverse. I'm more of the adventurous kind. One friend is really into shopping types of things. Anything weird or funny we would like. We are defnately not into clubs or the party/drinking scene. We all enjoy theater, concerts, that sort of thing. I think any suggestions would be helpful. We really want to find a least one big things that everyone will really enjoy, but since our interests are so diverse we might have to do 4 big things. :) One friend is getting married within the next year, so we're sort of doing a last big hurrah before she gets married on us.
    I think we are going to raft the Arkansas River. Anyone have a preference as to what rafting company is best?
    Thanks for the help!

  4. Default oh ya

    We also all really like "the city". So anything cool in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs, etc... Would be fun. We do like museums, but like I said... the more odd the better. Also anything that might be heritage museums would interest us. Also anything cultural, we are a very diverse group. We are also looking for great ethnic restaurants. We would like to eat food from all over. Okay... thanks

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    Default Some Mildly Off-Track Colorado Bits

    You're all headed for one of the great areas to visit in the North America. Let me just suggest a few places I know of that might appeal to your stated interests. In Boulder, be sure to get to the Pearl Street Mall. While hardly off the beaten path, it will let your one friend indulge her shopping jones while all of you can enjoy the street performers and some great food.

    In Denver, if you have time beforehand, contact your Congressman's office and see if he/she can arrange a tour of the mint for you. It is an election year, so they should be more than willing to help. Also, one place that my wife and I enjoyed that might count as a heritage museum is the Molly Brown House. Molly was a well known character before she boarded that little boat in Southampton in 1912, and her home reflects it.

    Finally, by all means get up to Rocky Mountain National Park. In Estes Park on the east side, you can visit the Stanley Hotel - the setting for "The Shining". On the west side of the park, be sure to take the short trail up to the headwaters of the Colorado River where you can jump across it.


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    Default A few suggestions

    Food, Shopping, Attractions
    Larimer Square in Denver is a historic neighborhood with lots of boutiques and restaurants. Here's a RTA review of the Giggling Grizzly restaurant.

    PISMO Fine Art Glass in Denver features artwork from various artists such as Dave Chihuly the creator of the piece Fiore Di Como (glass flowers) at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

    The Broker Restaurant is located in the old vault of the Denver National Bank. On the menu : Alaskan seafood, Colorado lamb and pork tenderloin.

    If you plan on driving through Nebraska and Wyoming, visit some Oregon Trail historic sites along the way, like Chimney Rock for instance. The Western Historic Trails Center in Council Bluffs, IA is a great starting point to retrace this epic journey. Friendly staff too!

    For cheap lodging in Denver, grab a rebate coupons booklet at any rest area or Visitors center and look for the Homestead on South Quebec St. With the right coupon you can have a room with kitchenette for as low as 32$/day.

    Nestled in the San Juan Range of the Colorado Rockies, Dunton Hot Springs is located in the middle of the wilderness. This resort offers lodging in log cabins and all kinds of great "girlie" stuff : spas, massages, good food, name it.:-)

    Feeling adventurous? How about sleeping underground? The Kokopelli's Cave B&B is located on a "privately owned luxury cliff dwelling" near Farmington, NM. This unique accomodation has been featured on the CBS Morning Show and Oprah, among others.

    Have a fun trip!

  7. Default Thanks

    Thanks for all of your help. We are really excited for our trip already. Would be very greatful if the ideas kept coming.

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    Default Ghost Stories at the Stanley Hotel

    Quote Originally Posted by kez4JC
    Thanks for all of your help. We are really excited for our trip already. Would be very greatful if the ideas kept coming.
    Kelsey, I would make a point to drive to Estes Park and sit in on the ghost stories that are shared every Friday & Saturday evenings at the Stanley Hotel. Bill Ward is the resident ghost hunter and he tells some tall tales starting at 7:00 pm. The cost is $5.00 and includes some great hot chocolate. Click here for more info about the Stanley.


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    Default Archway Museum


    If you are traveling on I-80, you should try to stop at the Archway Museum in Kearney, NE. It is impossible to miss, as it was constructed directly over the highway. The exit is less than a mile past the museum itself. They have a restaurant and a gift shop, but the museum is the big hit. It's an interactive walk through American life in the 1800s, complete with information via headphones and a lot of reading material along the way. It shouldn't take you very long depending on how much time you devote each room. I enjoyed it immensely.

    For more info and some photos...

  10. Default Rafting and AFA

    Does anyone have any good ideas for a rafting company. I've looked at a hundred websites and all are similarly priced... what makes one company stand out above the rest?
    Also, how much of the Airforce Academy can a visitor see? Is it worth the trip to Colorado Springs? Is there anything else to do or see in Colorado Springs?
    Thanks for all the help!

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