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  1. Sticky: Just like a disaster film!

    YEAH, that would have been lights-out for you, if that had been a wave of sea water!

  2. Sticky: No need to be linear herein

    Harry, you can bring comments forward from earlier posts -- do you know how to do that? (Hint: You use the "reply with Quote" function -- but only grab just enough of the previous post to make...
  3. Sticky: Louise reserach par excellant

    Louise certainly does a super-duper job researching and finding those little memorable spots.

    Really enjoying the commentary on this trip.

    and I really liked the custom, decorated $2 bill...
  4. Sticky: "Petrol-head" was MIA?

    130 total miles -- that sounds like a leisurely pace -- but hardly the stuff of a "petrol-head"

    Great photos!

  5. Sticky: Road Shots... nothing like 'em

    Wowee, you captured some great road shots!

    You know I will be featuring some of them soon on the RTA front page!


  6. Sticky: Freaks R Us

    Yes, if is funny how many "freaks" you can find in the USA.

    Looking forward to the rest of your report.

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