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    Be Ready for Five or Six Days...

    But hope for four. Since you have not indicated that this is to be a sight-seeing trip, then I would second Michael's suggestion for a route. You have two options that are basically the same...
  2. Your Biggest Advantage

    As a former Maine-iac, can tell you that the others here are right. A good, relatively new pair of all weather tires is all you need. 'Snow' tires don't offer that much more tread and studded snow...
  3. More Than One Can Count

    One of the more useful, but under-appreciated, resources for finding routes that take a little longer but are much more interesting than the Interstate system is the Federal Highway Administration's...
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    Only Slightly Off the Beaten Path

    My niece and her new husband recently drove cross country from Delaware to Reno NV for their new jobs. In so doing they did what I often suggest to people here, namely get off the Interstates and see...
  5. And Every Place in Between

    As Dave pointed out, you've got lots of time for this trip. Indeed you have enough that the stops are going to be much more enjoyable, longer and frequent. Three weeks will allow you to see many more...
  6. Everything Comes at a Price

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are certainly routes that stay at lower elevation and farther south than I-94 across the Rockies and northern plains. But there's a reason that...
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    The Gist of It

    I would also agree with Donna and Michael, because I think we're all saying the same thing:

    Your three basic needs for this trip are knowing your options, remaining aware of the weather ahead, and...
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    Hope for the Best, but Plan,,,

    I very much agree with Donna, under the best case scenario, you're going to need every minute of every day that you've so far budgeted. You simply can't count on everything going to plan, and I also...
  9. Sticky: Pent Up Demand

    From a June, 2021 CBS report:

    Having sat at home for much of 2020 because of the pandemic, Americans are heading out in droves to national parks like Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, and...
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    Plan Ahead

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    At a workmanlike pace, this trip would take about eight days, so having budgeted ten days you can plan on making a few short stops each day to keep the...
  11. It's Not That Far

    Gettysburg is roughly an hour-and-a-half drive from Lancaster via US-30, a fairly scenic drive with a few small towns along the way. Gettysburg itself and the Military Park comprising the battlefield...
  12. Three Overnights

    At roughly 1,850 miles, your trip is too long to try to do in just three days but should be relatively comfortable to do in four days. That means you're looking for three evenly-spaced overnight...
  13. The Simple and Direct Answer

    The most straightforward route is to simply get on I-10 in Phoenix, take that to western Texas then follow I-20 when it splits off. I-20 will take you the rest of the way to Atlanta. You're going to...
  14. A Few Thoughts

    I think you've got a nice trip laid out, not overly rushed and still with plenty to do. I will simply offer a couple of random observations...

    While you can certainly make it from Lancaster to...
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    A Loop is a Loop is a Loop

    If where you're returning the rental car is a consideration, and it always should be, then it doesn't matter logistically where you fly in to/out of. You're going to be driving the exact same number...
  16. A Relatively Uncommon Symbiosis

    When the Interstate Highway System was built, it largely followed previously well-worn footpaths, wagon tracks, farm-to-market roads, and the US Highway System. They all followed the contours of the...
  17. Time Keeps Slippin' Away

    As Dave and travelingman have pointed out, it's quite possible that your nine day RoadTrip could easily become as little as six and a half days by the time you take into account the pick-up, drop-off...
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As with any RoadTrip that has extra time for sight-seeing, the sights you see depend as much on your interests as they do on what's available. So let's...
  19. Signs, Signs, Everywhere(?) the Signs...

    OK - I'm showing my age with that title but I noticed something on my own recent RoadTrip: Signs seem to be disappearing! I guess it's now just assumed that everyone has GPS for navigation and...
  20. I Think We Have a Winner

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Given your list of requirements and desires for this trip, frequent breaks from driving, scenic, and avoiding city traffic, I think the clear winner...
  21. For the Record

    RoadTrip America does NOT encourage or even condone driving over 900 miles in a single day. I will simply note that if you were a professional driver with decades of experience, such a drive would be...
  22. For My Money

    There are really only two basic routes for you and fortunately neither goes through California. They are also within a hundred miles of each other in terms of length and they would both take about...
  23. Necessity... the mother of acceptance.

  24. It's All Gorgeous

    To be perfectly honest, there will be relatively few choices of which roads to drive since there are very few roads connecting the dots of your trip., but I don't know of any non-scenic roads in the...
  25. Another Thing About Generic 'Must See' Sites

    The real problem with broad, unspecified requests for attractions to visit is that following such a list, and there are plenty of them out there, is that following them will almost certainly result...
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