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  1. I just read the article referenced above (Buzz...

    I just read the article referenced above (Buzz passed away)-- originally posted in the Houston Chronicle. It really is good. You might want to take a couple of minutes and check it out!
  2. We were wondering if you saw our advice before you hit the road.

    Yes, thanks for letting us know that you made it! We were wondering if you saw our advice before you hit the road.

  3. Sticky: More resources

    Yes, my mistake on the timing of the map release.

    We received a notice from the Wyoming Office of Tourism. Here is part of it:
  4. Sticky: Road Closure Map

    Here is the map as of today:

  5. Perhaps on the way, a side trip to Sequim?

    And I haven't been to Sequim in a while, so you will need to check to see if the trolls are still about, but on your way to the Olympic Peninsula / Olympic National Park -- I always loved driving...
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    a couple places I have stayed at

    I thought they had reopened the rooms, but a quick check shows that I was wrong. Here are the hotels in Lake Havasu city you can book through RTA.

    A lot of people like staying downtown Las Vegas...
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    more options

    Just about every place has craft beer breweries now. I am partial to the ones found in Las Vegas -- there is a brewery district where it is possible to visit 4-5 within a block's walk.

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    A couple of questions for you

    Thanks for spending some time looking around.

    In additional to Midwest Michael's suggestions:

    Do you like wine or visiting wineries? You will be driving by one of the preeminent wine growing...
  9. And if this is still too much

    CA-58 is likely to be scary if I-80 and Salt Lake City presented an issue. And I-40 over Flagstaff sometimes presents issues -- although going eastbound those pressures will be less because the road...
  10. There is an alternative -- but it will be a long road trip.

    There is an alternative -- but it will be a long road trip.

    You need to cross the continental divide somewhere -- but the least mountainous place to do this would be through the desert of southern...
  11. Sticky: Poll: All Hail to the Newest and Reigning DCTPP!

    All Hail to the Newest and Reigning DCTPP!
  12. One more possibly helpful tool for your planning...

    One more possibly helpful tool for your planning...

    We have about 1000 RTA Library Maps saved on this site that you can download for free, edit and re-save with whatever information you want. For...
  13. 105 attractions on such a route

    As to route.

    I don't know where in Florida you are going -- but using Tampa, the most direct route would be 2325 miles and six days of travel would let you break this into 400 mile travel days,...
  14. Fuel Cost Calculator and CalTrans

    And just for planning purposes, you might find our Fuel Cost Calculator useful.

    For weather, I prefer the WUnderground app -- mostly because it provides real time satellite images and I can...
  15. Sticky: Poll: Not real surprised

    Yes, I would think the chance of snow would keep it closed for another few days.

    Thanks for the update!

  16. Sticky: Poll: $7.59 -- Imagine filling up an 80 gallon tank on a RV!

    My goodness, haven't seen anything approaching those prices yet!
  17. Sticky: Poll: Snow is predicted for this weekend at Lake Tahoe

    I really love the drive over Sonora Pass. One year, I was third car over the pass.

    Snow is predicted for this weekend at Lake Tahoe -- so an opening for Tioga is somewhat unlikely I would think. ...
  18. Petrified Forest National Park’s Public Fossil Preparation Lab

    Another cool press release

    Diana Boudreau, Fossil Preparator
    Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

    PETRIFIED FOREST, Ariz., May 26, 2022 - Along Interstate 40, situated between the New...
  19. Sticky: Thanks Keith and Margaret! Mark

    Thanks Keith and Margaret!

  20. Sticky: Thanks Dave, Mark

    Thanks Dave,

  21. Sticky: The Founders of RTA and Imbrifex Books are the same people

    A nice spotlight about our company in today's IBPA newsletter.

    And kudos to another RTA roadtripper -- Ron Clements and...
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    Smoke Mapping for Campers

    Another press release that caught my eye this morning.

    New map overlays will keep campers safe by tracking smoke near their campsite in real time.
  23. Sticky: Poll: No "inside job" here!

    Sheriff Dave, so very close... and yet so far!

    That's pretty funny.

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    "The Art of the Speed Run"

    You've read Donna's mention of the "speed run" -- here is an oldie-but-goodie article we published about this practice a few years ago. "The Art of the Speed Run."

    I have done a number of speed...
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    Exploring the San Rafael Swell area

    And here are some more articles about this area, we've published.

    Off-Road and Inside the San Rafael Swell, by Del Albright

    And one I wrote about using I-70 to explore the area.

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