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    Winter Driving Tips

    And here are some more tips!

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    Weighing again on wonders of a front-wheel drive sedan

    Weighing again on wonders of a front-wheel drive sedan.

    When I was in the USFS (in a previous lifetime) I drove a Fiat-128 sedan over the course of a couple of fire seasons. One of those seasons...
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    the concept of getting stuck (on purpose) extremely annoying

    As Michael & the others have suggested -- it really comes down to what you are looking for in a road trip vehicle. And how much gear you want to take with you. And how comfortable you want to be. ...
  4. Sticky: Poll: Got 'er dun

    Ah, yes. I forgot to ping! Now done.

  5. Sticky: Poll: May 12th at Noon

    Dart on the way in!

    May 12th at Noon

  6. Article: A Sports Fan's Guide to Route 66

    You can view the page at
  7. Rick, Yep and there is a second SST book...


    Yep and there is a second SST book publishing in August!

  8. Sticky: 31st Contest Coming soon

    Good to hear that there was an official date after all this season.

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    Think: The San Rafael Swell!

    Well... I-70 is one of my favorite highways in the USA?:

    The San Rafael Swell

    And, if you have the correct vehicle: Off-road along the I-70

  10. Sticky: Yes, those helitankers are impressive to watch

    Yes, those helitankers are impressive to watch. They often draw an appreciative crowd when they working a fire.

  11. Each state determines which highway is the "Great River Road"

    The thing to remember is that none of the states who claim the "Great River Road" accept the mapping authority of either AAA or Rand McNally.

    Mapping publishers create products based on their best...
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    Sticky: Continuing these thoughts

    Continuing this thought.

    When there aren't casinos near by -- I tend to use businesses that value good hygiene. Grocery Stores and Coffee Houses. I always make a point to purchase something from...
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    Sticky: Public Restroom Finder Apps

    Finding a clean, public restroom is never a problem when one lives in a state blessed with lots of casinos (like Nevada) but this seems to be an issue for many. Especially for those who in this new...
  14. Yeah, that is a ripping-fast-wildfire.

    Yeah, that is a ripping-fast-wildfire.

    The fastest fire I ever personally worked was in southern California in 1994 and it averaged 3,000 acres an hour for six hours. It was gnarly, dangerous and...
  15. Article: The Local Angler Series of Guidebooks

    You can view the page at
  16. Article: Base Camp Hiking Guides

    You can view the page at
  17. Article: Scenic Side Trips Book Series

    You can view the page at
  18. Article: 35 Scenic Drives to the Wades found in “Fly Fishing Austin”

    You can view the page at“Fly-Fishing-Austin”
  19. Do you only have two days?

    I just read the thread, if I understand the timing correctly, you only have two days to reach DC? Is that correct?

    If so, by the fastest possible route you are 1273 miles from DC. Which means...
  20. How much time do have

    How much time do you have at this point before you need to be back in DC?
  21. Cooler tomorrow, fire weather returns on Monday

    Yeah, I am monitoring the fire command channels -- they are working hard to catch the latest run.

  22. Sticky: and... drop the nose and INCREASE THE POWER


    Of course, it would be a rapid climb... That was my point, an aircraft that suddenly loses 25,000 pounds of ballast would rise rapidly and correspondingly lose lift (which could cause it...
  23. Sticky: the "g-forces" that helitanker

    That's a pretty good article. I saw it (if you count radar as "seeing") working on the Bobcat fire in southern California over the last month.

    As a friend mentioned to me -- can you imagine the...
  24. Sticky: "police officer"?

    Yeah, that was a good story! I was a little confused about the mention of a "police officer" working for CalFire? I thought that everyone who works for CalFire is a firefighter or works in CalFire...
  25. Sticky: The largest helitanker in the world...

    And this is sort of interesting.

    The largest helitanker in the world...

    Operated by Coulson Aviation, Inc., the "Very Large" CH-47 Chinook Helitanker (VLHT) is equipped with a state-of-the-art...
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