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  1. Great news.

    Good to see you back and great that you had such a good time ! If you want to share some highlights and memories briefly then please do here, or you could do a report in the Roadtrip field reports...
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    Tell us a bit more.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    How much time do you have available ? That makes a huge difference to what you might be able to see and where you will need to stay. Safety shouldn't be a...
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    Loving the drive !

    We only get 7 days a week here in the UK ! Now I feel really robbed. Haha. (Its OK I get the weekend thing if it's applicable in this case)

    Over how many days was this ? Our last RV trip we...
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    Quicker overall? Not so sure.

    To be honest I have never felt it that much of a big deal. Sure you got to travel smart, but just putting things in cupboards securely etc isn't that time consuming if you are organised. And would...
  5. Sticky: Poll: Avoid crowds if you can !

    Donna. This is the exact reason why we travel off peak season. I travel to get away from it all, not go with it ! I would rather have shorter days and chillier weather than little space. (I...
  6. Have you travelled by RV before ? I only ask as...

    Have you travelled by RV before ? I only ask as if it's a new experience and your not sure, this really would be a squeeze and everyone's limit of what's enough and what's too much is different. If...
  7. Sticky: Poll: Reservations will be required to enter park from May 21st.

    Spring has sprung ?? Reports from Yosemite say that following a warm week there is a lot more bare ground opening up as the snowpack shrinks. Despite the Spring feel to the weather the Tioga pass...
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    Tell us more.

    The other question would be, how many people in total ? If there is 4 or 5 in each RV you will need to hire more than one vehicle !! If you are all couples you could look at the possibility of 2...
  9. A bit more info needed.

    Hello and welcome !

    Is your trip a one way or return trip ? A one way trip could be expensive with one way drop off fees on an RV and you wouldn't have time to get near Seattle if it's a round...
  10. It's not a case of adding time to sightsee, you...

    It's not a case of adding time to sightsee, you need to add time purely to do the drive safely. So how much time are you prepared, or able to take to make it an enjoyable and safe experience. To get...
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    Getting back on the road !

    It's nice to see some activity here Donna so Thanks for the report, hopefully things will improve as more and more vaccinations get out there and we will see more Roadtrips ! (We hope to hit the road...
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    I agree with glc's route, it's a spectacular drive but again it's about timing. If you plan to drive to Moab from Gunnison for just one night and you want to visit Arches and Canyonlands, you won't...
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    That's a bit strange as US93 doesn't go near...

    That's a bit strange as US93 doesn't go near Jackson WY ?? I have driven almost the entire length of US93 in a class C RV without issues. Does RV Wizard pinpoint the locations ?

    I believe there...
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    So have you thought any more about the...

    So have you thought any more about the suggestions made previously and the National parks in Utah ? Are there some things you really want to see ? If you could give us some ideas of your thought...
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    One trip one thread policy.

    To address both these issues. Almost every trip takes on changes as you go through the planning process, some look totally different to the original, it's perfectly normal. For other members...
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    Shouldn't be a problem.

    I really don't think weather will be a factor in your planning during May and especially while staying on the main Highways so stick to your choice and check conditions before leaving, you can always...
  17. I'm not sure what baggage charges there may be...

    I'm not sure what baggage charges there may be for internal flights but for what bedding and pots cost to rent, I don't think I would want the hassel of carrying pillows, sheets, duvets and the like...
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    All good suggestions but as a side thought have...

    All good suggestions but as a side thought have you considered heading to Sedona for a couple of nights? I am just wondering if it might be a better option given you don't really want to walk /hike...
  19. Sticky: Poll: Very cool !

    WOW ! Lovely images and I'm happy that it all came together just right for you. I have to admit, I'm just a teeny bit (lot) jealous as I would love to see it for myself IRL. Thanks for sharing.
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    Hi Tony. There are a million and one things...

    Hi Tony.

    There are a million and one things you could check out but having the time to do them is something that most of us struggle with. Sometimes less is more and just enjoying the places you...
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    Its certainly possible in 8 days on the ground,...

    Its certainly possible in 8 days on the ground, or will the 8 days include flying in and out of Vegas ? If that were the case it would probably become too rushed to fully enjoy the experience as even...
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    Doable, Yes. Worth it? Depends on??

    Its certainly doable if it's more about the driving and short visits than anything else. How you divide your time will come with planning but you have about 8 days that will be dedicated to the...
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    No time to be fun.

    A common mistake when planning road trips is to believe the time estimates given by online mapping programs such as Google maps, the reality is totally different. This is because a computer program...
  24. Sticky: Poll: Winter storm alert.

    The clouds are rolling in for another drop of the white stuff.
  25. Thread: Wyoming

    by Southwest Dave

    Where abouts in Wyoming are you going and does...

    Where abouts in Wyoming are you going and does your 10 days include travel time ? There might be things you are interested in over a State line or have you the option to rethink your trip entirely ?...
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