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  1. Sticky: Great winter adventuring

    Dang, what a nice way to cruise back to the airport!

    Enjoyed the field report.

    So many great adventures you had.

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    RTA's Lists

    There are a number of sites that start posting reasonably accurate forecasts and actual field reports for fall foliage. Here is a list that we maintain.

  3. Sticky: Poll: Sheriff Dave Will Make the Call

    I don't think we've had this issue before.

    Going to have to have a ruling from Sheriff Dave, but I would tend to support "not declaring the road open" until it is open all day.

  4. Sticky: Congratulations to Rick

    Yep, good idea to post that news here!


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    Sticky: The Print Maps option is now fixed. Mark

    The Print Maps option is now fixed.

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    Sticky: Print Map Bug is being worked on

    Howdy all,

    We discovered a new bug today. The print map program is not working correctly. When the saved maps is printed, printers are printing a blank page.

    Map techs are working on this...
  7. Sticky: Poll: An interesting wrinkle

    That would appear to throw a possible monkey-wrench into our terms of engagement as to what constitutes the road opening.

    But that's why Sheriff Dave is paid THE BIG BUCKS to make decisions.
  8. Three different routes from Las Vegas to Death Valley

    Yep, there are a couple of mountain ranges you have to get around or over to reach CA-190.

    So, here is the local's route to Death Valley (Scroll in to see the route the glc mentioned above)
  9. Sticky: Poll: New Dart in -- July 2nd at 4 pm

    @tseeb, it is entirely possible that your statistical analysis will give you an inside edge on this year's contest -- but there's nothing like blind luck. (Please see my winning entry for closing...
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    Only two maps thus far

    Actually, Hawaii, being a USA state is not considered, by us, to be Off-Shore.

    We don't have a lot of roadtrips from the Islands though. But here are a couple
  11. Sticky: too bloody close

    Excellent defensive driving skills!
  12. Sticky: Poll: Snow on May 19th!!!

    OMG. The hump has returned! Look at the extreme right lower corner.
    (Courtesy of the Yosemite Conservancy) May 19th...
  13. Sticky: Oooh, A Cliff-hanger!!!

    Oooh, A Cliff-hanger.

    Can't wait to find out what almost-didn't-happen or whatever.

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    Sticky: This is a lot of web time.


    This is a lot of web time.

    Thanks for doing it.

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    Road has been improved -- It's about a two-hour drive from Las Vegas

    Updating this to circa 2018-2019. It's about ninety minutes to the entrance to the Skywalk and then about 14 miles on a very good paved road. So, even allowing for heavier traffic, it's still about...
  16. Sticky: Poll: Some news

    Glacier Point Road opened for the season to vehicles on May 10, 2019.
  17. Sticky: Getting Stuck and Getting Wisdom

    That's what is called wisdom!

    You wouldn't believe the number of dumb things I have done off-highway. These days, Megan takes a very dim view of anything approaching what I would routinely tried...
  18. Sticky: Proof of the Sedenquist Theorem

    Somehow, I missed the section of the narrative where you had to turn around at the stream washout. Yeah, that could have been dicey. Nice that the jeepster arrived so you could chat about the...
  19. And this is a nice update -- as of May 11, 2019. ...

    And this is a nice update -- as of May 11, 2019. Rick's book has sold at least one copy in 99 of 100 geographic regions in the USA. Check out this graphic:
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    Yeah, but those are still self-baling rafts. We...

    Yeah, but those are still self-baling rafts. We did it where the crew has to bale nonstop -- there is no such thing as hanging on and enjoying the view. Everyone works! In Crystal and a couple...
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    Leave the outboards behind


    Next time you ought to do Crystal Rapid in a human-powered raft. The growling of the holes is mind-boggling when you are pulling with every bit of strength you possess to slip beyond the...
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    Landmariner: Use the Map to find the RTA Library Maps -- SEARCH TOOL

    On that same page are the instructions for using the NEW RTA Maps Library:

    To view, edit and save RTA Custom Library maps: The RTA Library maps are part of a collection of routes and attractions...
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    Actually, I believe one of our own has done that too!

    I believe that one of our RTA Contributing Writers has completed that as well. I know that Jaimie Bruzenak has visited all of the NPS sites (parks, historic parks & monuments) in the USA. I know...
  24. Sticky: Poll: A Lowering Sky!

    And it is truly, truly gone today!
    Photo courtesy of The Yosemite Conservancy -- May 7th at 5:27 pm PDT
  25. Sticky: Beautiful road shots. Mark

    Beautiful road shots.

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