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  1. This is the first post of Kathleen Walls, a new...

    This is the first post of Kathleen Walls, a new RTA Contributing Writer. Welcome aboard the ride!
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    Very Cool News Indeed

    At 28,354 acres, the Loop Ranch comprises nearly 40 percent of the total acreage now known as the Frank and Joan Randall Preserve, one of the largest private nature preserves in California and the...
  3. The Oregon Outback could be on your way

    US 395 is gorgeous anytime of the year, but Nevada is a Basin and Range state and I would recommend US-95 all the way to the Oregon Outback before heading SW to Medford. Less travelers, but still...
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    There are dozens of such "tours" for RV drivers...

    I turns out that this is a BIG BUSINESS option for those in RV's. There are dozens of companies that offer this kind of thing for folks who want to drive their own RV's but want to have some social...
  5. Sticky: Southern California Regional Rocks and Roads

    I received an email from Michael Ballard earlier today about updating the Ridge Route virtual tour on this page. I've known about Michael's various sites for a number of years, but I've not looked...
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    Already identified the #1 criteria?

    I think you have already identified the #1 criteria. You like to bake. And, if you like to bake, having a convection/microwave combination is going to drive you batty.

    I am not a baker -- our...
  7. Sticky: Fairy dust, gold dust, Oh my!

    There is a fanciful quality to these transactions. This one, is one I am looking at now...
  8. Sticky: Is understanding how something works necessary?

    I currently have some minor holdings in ETH, AVAX, ATOM, BTC, ALGO and GODS and I purchased a NFT last night (Non-Fungible Token).

    I am still "unwashed" as far as understanding how all this ...
  9. Sticky: Crowd-Sourcing private RoadTrips via Cryptocurrency

    I am wondering if anyone is utilizing Cryptocurrencies to fund their road trip adventures?

    At RTA, we always like to keep current (to the extent that is possible) with changes in technology.
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    Any specific questions?

    I spent 6.5 years on the road, mostly in a Class C -- One of our contributing writers lived and worked on the road for about 25 years and Ron and Patti are out there right now.

    What vehicle are...
  11. Sticky: Poll: It will be interesting to see why they changed that date.


    Yes, I saw that you wrote to the NPS on their FB page. It will be interesting to see why they changed that date.

  12. Sticky: Poll: Snow is coming down!

    And this weekend's storm is going to be a doozy. Here was the forecast about an hour ago:

    Snow totals of 3 to 5 feet are likely for the Sierra Nevada, with isolated areas receiving up to 8 feet....
  13. Sticky: The Nevada Northern Railway between Ely and the McGill Depot

    One of our favorite tourist railroads is expanding their route. The Nevada Northern Railway which is based in Ely, Nevada has received a $10 million dollar grant that will enable the historic train...
  14. Sticky: Poll: Ebetts Pass on Friday

    My brother, Dan Sedenquist, drove CA-Hwy 4 over Ebetts Pass on Friday. Still astonishing to me that it would ever be open on the 3rd of December. He reported very icy conditions on the eastern side...
  15. Hoping you get home OK.


    Thanks for the update. We are watching the news too about this new variant.

    Hoping you get home OK.

  16. Sticky: Poll: It is surprising that they reopened it!

    Ebbetts Pass is probably my favorite Sierra crossing. It is surprising that they reopened it! Such a beautiful road.

  17. Time-tested tips for solo roadtrippers

    What? I live in Las Vegas. Discount Tire certainly caries all-weather tires for Toyota Corollas and/or snow tires. Unless you have an unusual vehicle. Not really sure you need snow tires though. ...
  18. Sticky: Poll: December 3rd at 8 am

    Mine might still be valid, but I am throwing a second dart too.

    December 3rd at 8 am.

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    Thanks for sharing.

    AZ Buck,

    That is an awesome story on so many levels. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Sticky: Poll: Inbound Snow looks Heavy

    Certainly looking likely

  21. Sticky: Hope you can join us!

    Hope you can join us!
  22. Sticky: Happy Trails George Bruzenak 1943 - 2021

    Megan and I have known George Bruzenak since 2007 when he married our long-time friend and contributor Jaimie Hall.

    Photographs captured by George for dozens of articles and...
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    Thanks for the sharing the field report. Mark

    Thanks for the sharing the field report.

  24. Dude Ranchers' Association -- Cody, Wyoming

    Another press release that I found interesting this morning:

    Cody, WY, October 28, 2021 - The Dude Ranchers' Association (DRA) wants to be a resource for you! As holiday vacations, spring break...
  25. Sticky: Yellowstone National Park Lodges, Reservations Changed

    Is it just me, or does this sound more complicated than the older system?

    Yellowstone National Park Lodges, Campgrounds, Tours and Dinner Reservations Change on April 2022 to a 13-Month Rolling...
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