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  1. Sticky: better and more complete!

    Wow! This resource just keeps on getting better and more complete!

  2. Sticky: Poll: Snow is early this year? -- November 15th

    I think the snow is going to start flying early this year. Parts of Wyoming and Colorado already have snow on the ground.

    So, Friday, November 15th at 8:30 am PST

  3. Sticky: And thanks to Donna for spending all of this time creating the resource!

    And thanks to Donna for spending all of this time creating the resource!

  4. Relax and have a fun drive.

    Early October rarely presents heavy snow in the Rockies. But the best plan for winter travel is almost always the most direct route. So, yes, the most direct route would be I-84 to I-80 across...
  5. Sticky: Great camera work! (Angel's Landing in Zion NP)

    Certainly one of the better videos, I've seen of this hike. Aren't you glad that the park installed the handrails?

    Still plenty of places where it would have been easy to slip.

    The trail is...
  6. Sticky: Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    Wonderful photos. I am sorry you found Yosemite a bit worse for the wear. Rangers there do have a never-ending list of tasks and emergencies that seem to wear them down a bit. Over the years, I...
  7. Sticky: Lots of good information herein. Mark

    Lots of good information herein.

  8. Replies

    We hope you find a safe, fun way to get to...

    We hope you find a safe, fun way to get to Colorado Springs. And we are sorry that you are having a tough time.

  9. This is Leavitt Lake -- used to be a relatively...

    This is Leavitt Lake -- used to be a relatively easy 2-WD cruise to get there -- but the recent two years of storms have smacked the access road. Pretty serious 4-WD now to get there.

  10. Mt. Whitney like few of us have seen

    And I can't keep all of these to myself...
    Dan camped somewhere near the Alabama Hills so he could capture the first...
  11. Donna is very close!

    Dan writes:

    The Needles Fire Lookout. Sequoia National Monument.

    Here's another one for you eagle eyes:

  12. Photos from my brother's wild Sierra Nevada Holiday

    I don't think Dan will write a field report -- but he is a fine photographer and I thought you'd enjoy this one:

    Do you know...
  13. Pretty clear water

    Nice photos.

    Were those two sand chairs -- in the river yours?

  14. Poll: How about an official RTA (not in any stores) Cap?


    I would be happy to send you an official RTA cap. Please provide us with your ship-to address. My email address is on the Contact page.


  15. Replies

    Maybe a section of your trip?

    That relocation service I wrote about here -- might work for you as well -- And USD$1.00 per day is hard to beat.

  16. imoova is another option

    And here is an update about immova:

    Vehicle (RV and Cars) Relocations with

    We recently received a press release about imoova.

  17. Sticky: First heard about this service from Lifey in 2014

    Lifey sent this advertising placement to us in 2014:

    Relocations with Free Fuel/Ferry from $1/day with
    Book a relocation In Australia and New Zealand with and get free fuel...
  18. Sticky: Vehicle (RV and Cars) Relocations with

    We recently received a press release about imoova.


    Imoova offers road trippers the cheapest opportunity to take a vacation via RV, campervan,...
  19. Poll: arbitrary & capricious and final


    I don't think we've ever had a member lobby a NPS staffer to change the opening date before.

    It is an interesting approach.

    But the ruling of the Sheriff is based on the following...
  20. Replies

    Sticky: North America is more than the USA!

    Looks like a pretty darn good list.

    Maybe you should start adding camping options in Canada and Mexico?

    Actually the other places that under the official purview of RTA are:
    Greenland, Canada,...
  21. Poll: Sheriff Dave, Interesting policy call coming...

    Sheriff Dave,

    Interesting policy call coming from you?
  22. Sticky: Great winter adventuring

    Dang, what a nice way to cruise back to the airport!

    Enjoyed the field report.

    So many great adventures you had.

  23. Replies

    RTA's Lists

    There are a number of sites that start posting reasonably accurate forecasts and actual field reports for fall foliage. Here is a list that we maintain.

  24. Poll: Sheriff Dave Will Make the Call

    I don't think we've had this issue before.

    Going to have to have a ruling from Sheriff Dave, but I would tend to support "not declaring the road open" until it is open all day.

  25. Sticky: Congratulations to Rick

    Yep, good idea to post that news here!


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