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  1. Yes please.

    We always enjoy reading about other members road tripping adventures !! You can't beat first hand information/experiences from the road !!

    We have the Roadtrip Field reports section for that...
  2. Like so.

    1] Select appropriate saved map from 'My Maps'.. 2] Below the map display select 'View and share saved map'. 3] Under the map copy the URL. 4] When posting in the forum, select 'Go Advanced' ...
  3. Check out the RTA mapping programs.

    Your attached images are a little small to show detail. Have you checked out the RTA Map Wizard or Map centre where you can create custom routes ? Place your cursor over the 'Maps' link in the...
  4. Yellowstone/Yosemite ?

    I think you are getting your 'Yellowstone NP' mixed up with 'Yosemite NP'. From Glacier to the Tetons would put you right in the Yellowstone area.
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