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  1. Changes galore!

    These last couple of weeks I have not really been able to concentrate on my road trip, and have often been forced to hop on the interstates. Talk of having to remain flexible!!

    The family, both...
  2. Hi Keith.

    Am now heading towards Boston, slowly.... very slowly. Choosing mostly routes which are a single line on the maps, usually the slowest, often most scenic and which have places of interest, people...
  3. Back to Boston for the show, and more.

    After all that, I got to see very little of US-20 in IN.

    Spent more time in Elkhart than planned and in fear of running late for grand-daughter's show, I was (more or less) forced to take I-80....
  4. Three of my favourites.

    Thanks for reminding me Buck. Three of my favourites. Have thoroughly enjoyed US-6 through many States, and those of you who have never driven US-6 through PA have really missed something. It...
  5. One Constant

    One constant I have noticed as I drive the various highways and byways. No matter how big the town or city, or how small and isolate a village or settlement may be. No matter how heavily...
  6. More US and State highways and scenic byways.

    The heat has been getting the better of me the further south I go. Then, just as I was contemplating on whether to head further south and continue, as planned, to Big Bend NP, or turn around and head...
  7. And you're not even as old as I am.

    Today I had a wonderful day roadtripping in north westerm Arkansas. I looked at the map in the morning, and decided which roads I would drive. I noted down the nuimbers and ended up with a great...
  8. Maybe / Maybe not.


    I could be wrong, but I feel certain that there were signs for I-94 and US-52, as well as ones pointing to US/MN-10 (dunno which) in the vast construction area south of St Cloud. It may...
  9. Some of the roads travelled so far.

    It's a while now I have been travelling. Things have been going a lot better, and I seem to have been on the road I wanted to be more often than not. (Hope you are too Donna.) Getting onto...
  10. The old US highways.

    Have decided to avoid the interstates as much as I can. Want to see more of the countryside and small towns through which most of the old highways pass. The first one I took was US-21 from the...
  11. Not Luck

    That wasn't luck mate... It was all they had. If I had wanted another thickness, I would not have been able to get it. Since it was affordable, I figured 5" would make a comfortable mattress.
  12. Those first few days.

    In my first few days after selling the Ford van, I excelled at getting lost. On the interstates, I managed, but once I was driving around towns and cities, it became most confusing. GPS...
  13. The first lessons

    Hi landmariner, Yes, I'm learning fast. Now well on my way and beginning to establish a routine. Here is what I ended up doing.

    With the help of my daughter, who is much better at these things,...
  14. My tenth trip to visit family, has me learning a new way.

    Having overcome all the hurdles it takes these days to take an international flight, I finally landed in Boston, just over a month ago. The best part of the first three weeks was spent with family...
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    Maybe worth looking at again.

    Thanks for that information rans.

    I did look at those cards when they first came out, some years ago. The exchange rate was not all that appealing, and there certainly was no other benefit.
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    We have explored every avenue, but alas!

    Billy, that has already being pursued, but unfortunately once you make it to octogenarian status, and are a non resident, it is not that simple. Daughter explored that option, and even though she is...
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    A decade has passed......

    It's hard to believe that a decade has passed since I started out on this search. Ir's hard to recall and comprehend the places we went together, the adventures we had, the memories we...
  18. International Travel in the Covid era.

    Reminds me of the polio epidemic, in the 40s & 50s, when we could not visit relatives who had, or had lost a member with polio.

    My trip too is tentative.

    We (in Melbourne) had a very hard...
  19. More than two children......?

    Here's another site you may li9ke to check out, it lists accommodation which caters for those who travel with three, four, five or six children. Altough I notice that they have precious few...
  20. I do!!

    I do! of course I do!! Memory is just not what it used to be, and could not be bothered to get out my atlas.

    Thanks for picking it up.

  21. Another Thought.

    Have you thought of including Niagara Falls in your itinerary. US-2 from Albany and Niagara is a most fantastic road with lots of history. Just west of Albany you'd think you are in Europe going...
  22. An insiduous, invisible enemy.

    The advice above is sound and solid. Treat this as a marathon. No matter how well you feel at the end of that first day, stop and have a good night's sleep. The following days do exactly the...
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    Go for it.

    At your age I drove to Alaska and back on my own. Have done that trip 4 times since the turn of the century. In fact I always travel on my own. I decide where I will turn, when/where I will...
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    Missing my vanlife

    Way to go!! It's the utter freedom which is the attraction for most. Not being able to hop in my van is driving me insane. (In Melbourne we're restricted to 5km from home max.)

    That site...
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    Truck Stops

    As one who has been staying at truck stops for years, some trips for months on end, be aware, not all truck stops allow overnight parking, especially with an RV. [e.g. Pilot/FJ has something like...
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