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    Ideally, a 100-hour or less refresh cycle would be best!

    Good information -- the places I looked -- seemed to be up-to-date -- even showing construction going on -- and the crews are out there this week working away.

    But a long refresh period would not...
  2. Sticky: Poll: I tried my usual tools -- they don't work --...

    I tried my usual tools -- they don't work -- there are source code blocks in there now.

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    RTA Complies

    Aren't you glad that does comply?

    It's was a bit of huge pain in the toosh -- but I guess it makes sense.

  4. Sticky: Poll: Seems like a silly thing for the Conservancy to have done

    Well, that's a real bummer.

    So, we can't use the screen grabs any longer, eh?

    As a result, I am thinking about cancelling my membership account. I think it's kind of dumb on their part.

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    Zoom and some other stuff

    At the highest degree of zoom, I would agree -- but I really liked the flexibility of the axis and being able to rotate the maps.

    And mostly I encourage any company that can find a way to...
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    Digital Globe Mapping Data

    This is a fun tool to look up your house or a campground!

    Put in Monument Valley for instance. You can switch the axis of the orientation of the display and other cool stuff.
  7. Youth athletic leagues are the usual culprit

    The thing you need to keep in mind in the smaller town in the western states in the summer months are the youth soccer/basketball/swim leagues. A single swim meet can use up all available motel...
  8. Might be better to use a rental car and motels this season!

    I have driven all over the USA in winter months in a RV -- it is always possible to find places to stop, even if many, if not all, of the RV campgrounds are closed for the season.

    The bigger...
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    Big Boy steam locomotive No. 4014

    We missed seeing the restored locomotive when it stopped by Las Vegas. But maybe it will be in your neighborhood soon.
  10. 2019 List Updated

    AZ Buck just revised and checked all of the links on this resource.

    Thanks for the update!

  11. Sticky: Rick, Operator-error (mine). It's there, post...

    Rick, Operator-error (mine). It's there, post #5.

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    Sticky: Another amazing resource thread

    Another amazing resource thread
  13. Sticky: Poll: No need any longer for A/C at the RTA offices in Las Vegas!

    It is really outrageous to have so much winter weather already.

    Thanks for the updates!

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    Fall Color Prognosticator

    I have been checking in with this great prognosticator tool the last month or so.

    It takes a minute or so for it to load -- but It's pretty cool use of technology.

    Here is a recap of ALWAYS...
  15. Sticky: better and more complete!

    Wow! This resource just keeps on getting better and more complete!

  16. Sticky: Poll: Snow is early this year? -- November 15th

    I think the snow is going to start flying early this year. Parts of Wyoming and Colorado already have snow on the ground.

    So, Friday, November 15th at 8:30 am PST

  17. Sticky: And thanks to Donna for spending all of this time creating the resource!

    And thanks to Donna for spending all of this time creating the resource!

  18. Relax and have a fun drive.

    Early October rarely presents heavy snow in the Rockies. But the best plan for winter travel is almost always the most direct route. So, yes, the most direct route would be I-84 to I-80 across...
  19. Sticky: Great camera work! (Angel's Landing in Zion NP)

    Certainly one of the better videos, I've seen of this hike. Aren't you glad that the park installed the handrails?

    Still plenty of places where it would have been easy to slip.

    The trail is...
  20. Sticky: Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    Wonderful photos. I am sorry you found Yosemite a bit worse for the wear. Rangers there do have a never-ending list of tasks and emergencies that seem to wear them down a bit. Over the years, I...
  21. Sticky: Lots of good information herein. Mark

    Lots of good information herein.

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    We hope you find a safe, fun way to get to...

    We hope you find a safe, fun way to get to Colorado Springs. And we are sorry that you are having a tough time.

  23. This is Leavitt Lake -- used to be a relatively...

    This is Leavitt Lake -- used to be a relatively easy 2-WD cruise to get there -- but the recent two years of storms have smacked the access road. Pretty serious 4-WD now to get there.

  24. Mt. Whitney like few of us have seen

    And I can't keep all of these to myself...
    Dan camped somewhere near the Alabama Hills so he could capture the first...
  25. Donna is very close!

    Dan writes:

    The Needles Fire Lookout. Sequoia National Monument.

    Here's another one for you eagle eyes:

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