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  1. Cheers for the tips, chaps. I'm now almost...

    Cheers for the tips, chaps.
    I'm now almost ready with the RT agenda.

  2. Best 'photo op road' for arriving in Las Vegas at night?

    Heading to Las Vegas after spending day in Death Valley. Will be arriving in LV after sunset.

    Read Mark's statement:

    "After your meal at the winery, it is only about 59 miles to Las Vegas and...
  3. Cheers, Larrison and MMichael, Had thought...

    Cheers, Larrison and MMichael,

    Had thought about staying next to the airport and might do it - a comfy little Travelodge with a free shuttle is less than a mile away.

    Had looked at Livermore...
  4. San Francisco to Yosemite - a place to stop enroute?

    Hello All,

    This is my first post on this forum since discovering it a few days ago.

    I have been agog with the useful tips and info that you chaps have provided and it's helping me loads with...
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