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  1. Sticky: Poll: Will it or won't it ?

    The Tioga pass is still temporarily closed to traffic at this moment in time but the weather looks wonderful in Yosemite right now, even if a tad chilly ! The Yosemite Facebook page says that...
  2. Not our usual 'Bag'.

    Hello and welcome to Road trip America !

    First off, here at RTA there is no such thing as "Another annoying tourist" as we are all like minded Road trip enthusiasts so no need for apologies. ...
  3. Sticky: Poll: Early, very early if it's permanent !!

    Yeah that would be really early !! To put that in perspective, it closed on Oct 16th 1949 and since then only in 2004 could it match Oct 17th. It looks as though it's likely to be around 12 inches...
  4. Sticky: Poll: Sunday closure.

    Tioga pass is to close "Temporarily" again on Sunday at 4pm due to an incoming storm. Looking at the weather forecast it doesn't seem to amount to much at all but could be the risk of ice.

  5. It might be a typo but the Newton B Drury parkway...

    It might be a typo but the Newton B Drury parkway is past Klamath and the Mystery tree so the order should be reversed to visit the Parkway the next day. Your first day on the road is a long one...
  6. Lodging options.

    A quick way to find options and deals for lodging is to do a search through the Reservations page.

  7. Sticky: Poll: Open with caution.

    The Tioga pass is 'Amber' at the moment, currently open with a caution warning of icy conditions. Anyone planning to travel are advised to use the Yosemite website for the latest information as it...
  8. How many days are you planning on taking for the...

    How many days are you planning on taking for the trip ?
  9. If only we knew.

    As Buck mentioned it's just impossible to know at this stage. You can look at long term forecasts, check out historical data on weather sites but in reality it has no link to what will happen at the...
  10. Replies

    Best ??

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You haven't given us much to go on to be able to offer meaningful advice. When you say "Best" what does that mean, quickest, most scenic, winter weather in...
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    Bravo !

    Thats a nice amount of time to not feel rushed.

    Good on you !! The planning is part of the fun and we are here to help should you need it.

  12. Replies

    The more time the better imo.

    It makes perfect sense to me ! (After all we are a bunch or road trippers ! Haha)

    If you want to start by visiting family then flying into LA makes the most sense to me, unless you can get...
  13. Sticky: Poll: Competition time. The 32nd Tioga pass prognosticator. Winter closing 2021.

    Welcome to the 32nd Tioga pass prognosticator and your chance to win a free tank of petrol for your road trip ride !!

    ***All you have to do is correctly predict the date the Tioga Pass will close...
  14. Involve the boys.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    We really don't do 'Must see's' here as tastes vary and my 'must see' might be your 'must avoid'. What I would suggest is to get a good map of the areas you...
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    A few more questions.

    Hi and welcome to RTA !

    The more you can tell us about yourselves and interests the more we can help. Are you residents of SF or flying into there to start ? I presume the latter as you say...
  16. To cover the ground in 5 days you will be looking...

    To cover the ground in 5 days you will be looking at more like 10-11 hour days on average and would be right on the cusp of what we would regard a safe pace on a multi day trip as doing this day...
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    Good to know.

    Thats great to know it went well, it's a wonderful part of the world !! We would love to hear more about it, if you would like to share. Either a brief description here with highlights and any...
  18. RV rental (?)

    Is this going to be a sight seeing road trip or an A to B in the most efficient way possible ? How much time do you have ? If this is a one way trip in an RV rental the one way fee could be quite...
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    Not safe and no fun.

    Even with another person a cross country trip in 3-4 days is not going to be fun and fatigue will once again set in. If you don't have the time available to slow down then a better choice would be...
  20. Tell us more.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The National parks websites ( are full of general info regarding things to see and do within the parks including hiking, lodging dining etc etc. If...
  21. Cheeky bribe.

    Im pleased you (at last) managed to get back to the USA to see your family and get on the road again. It's also pleasing to know that your faithful road trip ride has found a new home ! What a...
  22. Thank you.

    Hi and welcome back to RTA !

    Thanks so much for dropping in and updating us on your trip, it's a shot in the arm for us that are not on the road right now !! It's great to know you had such an...
  23. Bryce canyon.

    One tip for visiting Bryce canyon with limited time is to head straight to the far end of the canyon and then stop at all the viewpoints on the way back up. This will put them all on your side of...
  24. How much time ?

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    Chicago to Denver is a 1000 miles and will require an overnight stop. Unless you need to go to Denver you should consider staying closer to RMNP, Estes park for...
  25. Are you planning to complete the route as quickly...

    Are you planning to complete the route as quickly as safely possible or are you planning on taking your time and sightseeing ? Personally, I would take US93(NV318) to Twin Falls then I-84 but there...
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