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    This is a link to a map I've...
  2. So we will be flying =) Thanks.

    So we will be flying =) Thanks.
  3. Planning for hotels

    I am planning a roadtrip to the westcoast and back in 25 days. For the most part we will be staying with friends and family, but at a couple of stops we will not know anyone and do not want...
  4. Responses

    Thanks so much for your helpful responses. I will be getting my car looked at and have really started locking down dates and possible lodging. Thanks for the help! There are so many attractions in...
  5. Roadtrip: Houston to the West Coast and Back in 25 days

    I am planning a roadtrip to California this summer and am looking for overall advice. The plan thus far is to go by myself, but that could change before July. I am really excited about the idea of...
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