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    A couple of resources

    One of the RTA members is the author of A Sports Fan's Guide to Route 66 and he has spent a goodly amount of time attending sporting events in Texas.

    Here is the route through northern Texas...
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    Sticky: Christine Pasek rejoins RTA!

    Well, this is very cool.

    Here are Christine Pasek's Chocolate Chip Cookies Time jumping in from 1998!

    Welcome back to RTA!

  3. Sticky: Poll: Wow, that would be an extraordinarily long queue!

    Wow, that would be an extraordinarily long queue! Pretty cool that you found this article and posted it here.

  4. Sticky: Poll: Monday, November 21st at 8 am.

    Sheriff Dave,

    Looking good to me. I am tossing my first dart: Monday, November 21st at 8 am.

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    Our own list of leef peeping sites...

    And then, there is, of course, our own list of leef peeping sites... (I haven't checked the links yet for this season--If you find some that need updating, please let me know.)

    RTA: Leaf Peeping...
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    Fall Foilage Predictive Map

    This map is fun to use.

  7. Sticky: a big bargain for me.

    AZ Buck suggested that I include the cost of shipping. (They paid for shipping from Denver to North Carolina and then back to me in Las Vegas.) -- but the service has a flat rate.

    It was about...
  8. Sticky: "Cutting Edge Service" indeed!

    "Cutting Edge Service" indeed!
  9. Sticky: knife arrived at the office

    I didn't receive the tracking number from, but the knife arrived at the office yesterday!

    All Good.

  10. Sticky: provides a tracking number

    Follow-up: provides a tracking number for shipments placed by MailSafe Express. I will update this thread as my knife travels across the country.

  11. Sticky: KUDOS TO AN AWESOME SERVICE: MailSafe Express

    A couple of weeks ago I was at the Denver airport and had already sent my carry-on bag and my checked bag through the TSA Security checkpoint when I remembered I still had my tactical knife in my...
  12. Sticky: July 2nd Upates

    The good news is that as of July 2nd:
    UPDATE: Yellowstone National Park to reopen north loop July 2 and suspend Alternating License Plate System, 93% of roadways will be open More updates on road...
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    Sticky: Hard to know what "no harm" actually means

    sheesh, looking at how that "cab" crushed around the driver -- hard to believe that he wasn't hurt. I bet he wasn't able to self-exit from that scene?

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    Sticky: Good lord -- that looked like a bad crash. Mark

    Good lord -- that looked like a bad crash.

  15. First Ever: National-Wildland-Firefighter-Day

    And now for a subject near and dear to my heart:

    Read more here.
  16. 'Tis the Season for Giveaways -- Next Up: Cruise America

    50 Years, 50 Trips!

    More from the press release:
  17. I just read the article referenced above (Buzz...

    I just read the article referenced above (Buzz passed away)-- originally posted in the Houston Chronicle. It really is good. You might want to take a couple of minutes and check it out!
  18. We were wondering if you saw our advice before you hit the road.

    Yes, thanks for letting us know that you made it! We were wondering if you saw our advice before you hit the road.

  19. Sticky: More resources

    Yes, my mistake on the timing of the map release.

    We received a notice from the Wyoming Office of Tourism. Here is part of it:
  20. Sticky: Road Closure Map

    Here is the map as of today:

  21. Perhaps on the way, a side trip to Sequim?

    And I haven't been to Sequim in a while, so you will need to check to see if the trolls are still about, but on your way to the Olympic Peninsula / Olympic National Park -- I always loved driving...
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    a couple places I have stayed at

    I thought they had reopened the rooms, but a quick check shows that I was wrong. Here are the hotels in Lake Havasu city you can book through RTA.

    A lot of people like staying downtown Las Vegas...
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    more options

    Just about every place has craft beer breweries now. I am partial to the ones found in Las Vegas -- there is a brewery district where it is possible to visit 4-5 within a block's walk.

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    A couple of questions for you

    Thanks for spending some time looking around.

    In additional to Midwest Michael's suggestions:

    Do you like wine or visiting wineries? You will be driving by one of the preeminent wine growing...
  25. And if this is still too much

    CA-58 is likely to be scary if I-80 and Salt Lake City presented an issue. And I-40 over Flagstaff sometimes presents issues -- although going eastbound those pressures will be less because the road...
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