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  1. Welcome.

    Welcome to RTA parkhopper !

    If you want any help in planning your trip you can start your own thread and ask any specific questions. We are all in the same boat at the moment but it doesn't hurt...
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    Photos retrieved !

    At last I have have finished editing the photos and the report is back to how it should be !

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    Hi memelanie and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Thanks for replying to this thread but MichaelM (OP) has not posted back on this site since this one and only thread which is 9 years ago. Enjoy RTA...
  4. Sticky: Poll: Quite a change. (The hump is back!)

    Check out the difference between todays image from the Sentinel webcam compared to the capture in post 2 of this thread, taken just under a month ago.
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    Depends on.

    Hi Buscher and welcome to RTA !

    That's a loaded question and one that's not easily answered as it's a personal choice and they are both fantastic in their own right. On our first ever trip to the...
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    Personally speaking I would stick to Grand canyon...

    Personally speaking I would stick to Grand canyon and Zion NP as you have seen neither before. With a day and a half of travel it only really leaves you a day and a half at each to explore with a...
  7. Sticky: Poll: A dry start to the year !

    It could well be an early opening this year unless we get some late winter storms, which is entirely possible.

    Here is a report from the National weather service.

  8. Just keep in mind that in any National park you...

    Just keep in mind that in any National park you are not allowed to camp anywhere other than a designated campground, unless you have a back country permit.
  9. A wonderful trip !

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    As Donna mentioned you really need to contact the parks regarding camping and especially if you mean 'Back country permits' but even using the campgrounds you should...
  10. There are many great stops heading down the coast...

    There are many great stops heading down the coast but Newton B Drury scenic parkway in Prarie creek, The Ladybird Johnson grove near Orick and the Avenue of the Giants in Humbolbt Redwoods State park...
  11. Photos ! Yes please.

    I'm enjoying the report Lifey and look forward to the photos. I've been 'tagging along' using Google maps to track your progress and have a look around.

  12. Sticky: Poll: Don't for get to select date range in the poll above folks !

    Please don't forget to 'ping' the poll above and select the date range of your predictiction.

  13. Sticky: Poll: All quiet at present.

    Generally speaking it looks quite settled up on the pass at the moment although there are a few light snow flurries in the weather forecast. This is the current scene from the Sentinel Webcam that...
  14. Sticky: Poll: Competition: Tioga pass prognosticator No 29. (Spring opening 2020)

    Howdy. This is the 29th consecutive Tioga Pass Prognosticator where we invite you to predict the future status of the Tioga pass and have the chance to win a tank of gas for your road trip ride!!
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    You're a braver man than me !! I'm not on about the bears, you would never(ever) get me in that water ! Brrrrr

    The report, photos and videos are outstanding and I'm loving every moment of it,...
  16. As Donna mentioned, how much time do you have for...

    As Donna mentioned, how much time do you have for the trip in total and will it be a round trip or one way ? On the way out you could consider Badlands NP, Mt Rushmore and other attractions around...
  17. Happy Anniversary.

    A massive congratulations for starting, developing and continuing to make RTA the best resource 'out there' for Road trippers !! It will be 13 years this year since I first joined and I have never...
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    Family fun !

    Wow. What a fantastic family adventure! While in Southern Utah I would recommend adding Zion, Capital Reef and Canyonlands NP's to the mix to include a drive along UT scenic 12 and UT24. Between the...
  19. It's possible.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There is certainly a risk of coming across some disruption due to winter conditions but the country has to keep on the move year round, goods being hauled...
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    Good to know.

    That's great to read !! Of course safety is paramount but extra time will at least make the journey bearable and perhaps to some extent, enjoyable.

    Safe travels !
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    Be safe.

    Hello and welcome to the RA forums !

    As your goal is to get there as quickly as possible (and you want to arrive safely) then you will be looking at Interstate as much of the way as possible. If...
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    Tricky time but can be rewarding.

    Hello and welcome to RTA Susi.

    During March Yellowstone is still in winter mode and most of the park is closed to traffic so that's not going to be ideal. If you really want to head North you...
  23. Hi Tourist, welcome back ! With a month on the...

    Hi Tourist, welcome back !

    With a month on the road you have many options to contemplate and with a loop that could be driven in 4 days, plenty of time to enjoy some of them ! I would be tempted...
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    Goosebumps !

    Hi Peter. I'm absolutely loving the report and photos and that video gave me goosebumps, unbelievabley awesome !! Alaska is on our bucket list and something we hope to do in the next 3 or 4 years,...
  25. Enjoying your story.

    I like the concept of a solo traveller travelling with the security of a group, yet remaining independant on the days events. Not quite so keen on 'Bodies in a barrel' though !! I'm not surprised...
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