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    2 week trip to Arizona

    Hi there - we are back - we visited the site for info on our 9 1/2 week RV trip to the West Coast over the summer. Had a fantastic time - highly recommend the RV thing if travelling with kids - they...
  2. Wow speedy responses - this site is fab

    Hi - thanks Craig and Mark - we're most interested in wildlife, the immense scenery and some touristy stuff too - well you have to be really, but also happy to get off the beaten track a bit if there...
  3. Yates family 9 week road trip up the west coast - what must we NOT miss

    Hi - the Yates family (mum, dad, 2 kids) from the UK, have hired a motorhome for 9 weeks in July and August - yippee. We are flying into San Francisco, then driving down to LA, out to Las Vegas and...
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