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  1. Sticky: Poll: A new DcTpp ?

    It would appear to be that Tioga pass did open this morning as planned. If this is the case Utahtea would have just missed out on the prize but will be crowned the new DcTpp (Darn close Tioga pass...
  2. Sticky: Poll: Failed link.

    Maybe I slipped through the net as I can still visit the link and I haven't subscribed !

    It was an article including interviews with some long serving Caltran workers with regards to clearing the...
  3. Sticky: Poll: More rocks than snow.

    Digging around for a sniff of info on whats happening right now on the pass didn't produce much in the way of an update but I did stumble upon this article which I found quite interesting with input...
  4. Sticky: Poll: Updates.

    The Glacier point road opened on April 30th at 8am. Updates on Tioga says they have plowed the pass and are now working on side roads and parking lots. Looks like it could be quite an early opening....
  5. Sticky: Poll: Cool.

    Loving the pictures Utahtea, really nice images.

  6. Sticky: Poll: Late storm blowing in.

    There is a winter storm warning in place for Sunday 25th and Monday 26th April which could bring significant amounts of snow with it. If you are visiting Yosemite during this time there is a warning...
  7. Sticky: Poll: Great to be getting out and about !

    Yes the snowpack was about 63% of average so less run off. I would love to see the Falls in Spring one day when they are at full flow !

  8. Sticky: Poll: Teeny bit jealous. (A lot)

    Thanks for the links tseeb and pleased to hear you managed to get away for a break ! How I would love to be around the Sierras right now !

  9. Sticky: Poll: Avoid crowds if you can !

    Donna. This is the exact reason why we travel off peak season. I travel to get away from it all, not go with it ! I would rather have shorter days and chillier weather than little space. (I...
  10. Sticky: Poll: Reservations will be required to enter park from May 21st.

    Spring has sprung ?? Reports from Yosemite say that following a warm week there is a lot more bare ground opening up as the snowpack shrinks. Despite the Spring feel to the weather the Tioga pass...
  11. Sticky: Poll: Very cool !

    WOW ! Lovely images and I'm happy that it all came together just right for you. I have to admit, I'm just a teeny bit (lot) jealous as I would love to see it for myself IRL. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Sticky: Poll: Winter storm alert.

    The clouds are rolling in for another drop of the white stuff.
  13. Sticky: Poll: Some believed it was still happening !

    Yes I'd also heard about the tipping of embers, not so good ! Some of the photos from this years 'event' were so realistic there were comments for this practice to be banned immediately !!

  14. Sticky: Poll: 'Firefall'.

    When all the elements come together correctly sometime during february some lucky visitors to Yosemite can get to witness the specatacular 'Firefall' event at Horsetail falls. It takes a window of...
  15. Sticky: Poll: Rain crust.

    Here's a winter update from the Yosemite rangers at Tuolumne meadows.

    They reported a brief period of freezing rain followed by wet snow and below freezing temperatures, resulting in what they...
  16. Sticky: Poll: Let it snow !

    The hump has retreated quite a bit but it could be making a comeback. Snow is forecast for later this afternoon and on and off through the weekend to Washington's birthday on Monday. Snow depth is...
  17. Sticky: Poll: And here it is.

    The hump is back for 2021 and there's plenty more snow to come !

  18. Sticky: Poll: 6 to 10 feet of snow accumulation possible !

    Looks like a lot of snow is on it's way to the Sierra's in the next few days !!

    This is the forecast in Tuolumne meadows area.

    And this is an urgent weather warning issued by the National...
  19. Sticky: Poll: The Sentinel webcam is back.

    The Sentinel Webcam has been out of action on my last few visits to it, but it's back with us now. There has been some fresh dustings of snow and a bit more forecast over the high ground of Yosemite...
  20. Sticky: Poll: Reminder of the rules for all.

    You must post your predictions in the thread and then 'ping' the poll above in the relevant date range.

    Rick you have 'pinged' the poll above but not identified your prediction in a post, which is...
  21. Sticky: Poll: Keeping everything crossed !

    You gotta keep hoping Rick although I think we are a way off from this darn virus being done with !

    Here's the view from the Sentinel webcam this morning....
  22. Sticky: Poll: Competition time. The 31st Tioga pass prognosticator. Spring opening 2021.

    Fancy a free tank of gas for your road trip ride? Read on.

    Howdy folks ! With the Tioga pass now closed for the winter season, it's time to turn our attention to Spring 2021 and predict when we...
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