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  1. Sticky: Poll: Snow is back

    And here it comes again!
    March 21st at 6:40 pm PDT
  2. Sticky: Not being a cat person...


    Thanks for the intel.

  3. Sticky: Poll: Wow, wouldn't be fun to see this in person today

    Wow, look at it go today!
    March 13th at 3:47 pm pdt
  4. Sticky: Lifey, Thanks for the feedback. Really good...


    Thanks for the feedback.

    Really good intel.

  5. Sticky: Poll: 2021 versus 2022 Melting Snow Event!

    And this is kind of cool -- this is graph shows the period of March 5th to March 11 in 2021 and 2022.

    The blue line is 2022. You can really see the difference from the melting snow this year.
  6. Sticky: Poll: Yowsa!

    Yep, the waterfalls are ripping

    Yosemite Falls from two minutes ago:

    Watch it live here.
  7. Sticky: Poll: March 11th Reading

    This is something I didn't expect -- that the water flow level would already be decreasing on the Merced River.
  8. Sticky: Poll: heavy rain about now.

    This is the latest rain/radar report for Yosemite Valley

    So, still some snow falling on the upper elevations, but the...
  9. Sticky: Poll: Much warmer today!

    Compare the chart from Tuesday, February 28th with the one for today: Also set for 4pm PST. Look at the difference in the cold temperatures and why rain is falling and not snow right now!

    Going to Post the Stream Gauge at MERCED R A HAPPY ISLES BRIDGE NR YOSEMITE CA -
    over the next couple of days:
  11. Sticky: Poll: Raining now in Yosemite Valley

    Raining right now in Yosemite Valley -- the waterfalls are going to be epic.

    No visual right now -- but this stream gauge will be interesting to watch!

  12. Sticky: Poll: "the Pineapple Express" is arriving today

    The first wave of what is being called "the Pineapple Express" is just now hitting the San Francisco coast area.

    This storm is warmer than the past storms and no one really has a handle on what...
  13. Sticky: Poll: Blue skies are back

    Blue skies are back in force today at Yosemite.

  14. Sticky: Poll: Snowing some more

    Yep, snowing again!


    “Running Springs received 12 feet of snow, Big Bear Lake received 11 feet and Lake Arrowhead saw a little over 9 feet, according to the latest readings.” –LA Times
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    We are somewhat limited in what versions of PHP...

    We are somewhat limited in what versions of PHP and MySQL that we can upgrade to, due to configuration issues. Good luck with your surfing site!

    And thanks for being an active and valued member...
  16. Sticky: Poll: No longer a trickle...

    Two days ago, the Yosemite Falls was just a trickle --but it is roaring now.

    Check out the latest live feed!
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    there is no replacement for the expert advice

    I agree, but the forum software isn't sufficiently young and hip enough to grow new audiences. I heard from the son of one of our long-time members who just graduated with a degree in computer...
  18. Sticky: Here's another product notice -- GENIUS LITTER

    Howdy Folks,

    A bunch of road trippers who live on the road travel with pets--usually dogs, but cats too and this product might be of interest to them. And we'd like some feedback from you.
  19. Sticky: A New Documentary Feature Film is looking for RoadTrippers

    I received the following request to post information from Carmen Cuba Casting, Universal Content Productions, and Venture Land:

    I guess if you are interested, please let me know and I can...
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    We haven't disabled them.

    I still receive them. We haven't disabled them. Not really sure why you aren't receiving them. The forum is not as active as it has been.

  21. Sticky: Poll: Those are crazy photos. Mark

    Those are crazy photos.

  22. Sticky: Poll: where the snow level will be during storms.

    This is the coolest planning tool ever. Long-time photo contributor, Bruce Jones, just shared this with us.

    Look at this:
  23. Sticky: Poll: Mid-March: warm atmospheric rivers to the west coast?

    In light of the snow predictions -- I am thinking about adjusting my predictions for the opening day. The one thing that is holding me back is that there is thought in the weather geek communities...
  24. Sticky: Poll: And the storm warning from Yosemite are dire indeed.

    Megan and I just are back from a 24-hour road trip to Death Valley and back. More snow on the mountains than I have ever seen and certainly more than can remember in historic photos.

    And the...
  25. Lack of due diligence (on my part)

    Ah, I didn't know that and didn't check, (like I should have.)


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