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  1. I have driven most of those roads, mainly in a...

    I have driven most of those roads, mainly in a 30ft RV so none of the roads will cause you any concern, the weather on the other hand, could? As has been said, the weather will remain a mystery right...
  2. Any more info ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    As you have already pointed out, it's impossible to know what the weather will be doing until a few days before you head out. You don't say your exact start...
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    I think if you search on-line there are groups...

    I think if you search on-line there are groups that put solo travellers together but maybe just on a pre-planned itinerary. Stopping in small towns along the way and going to the local diner or bar...
  4. A marathon, not a sprint.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The first thing to point out is that heading south by no means guarantees avoiding winter weather and should the south be hit with a winter storm they are not...
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    Exciting times !!

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It seems like you have a good amount of experience to be able to get started and learn along the way. Exciting times ahead ! If you have any specific...
  6. Sticky: Poll: It seems they stand by their date.

    There was no response from the Yosemite team and the closure date remains October 21st for this season.

    The weather front that brought about 'calling it' for the season, and closing both Tioga...
  7. Short detour around El Paso, or slightly longer?

    As you get near El Paso you could come off at Jct 34 onto the 375 loop which goes around the city on the Woodrow Bean transmountain drive through the Franklin mountains. It adds little time but may...
  8. Sticky: Poll: Confirmed but not what I thought !

    It closed on Oct 16th 1949 and since then only in 2004 could it have matched Oct 17th. However, for reasons unknown the Yosemite official opening and closing page has declared the Tioga pass to have...
  9. Alternative thought.

    Its great that you have decided to add an extra day to give yourself time to enjoy the journey and do a little sightseeing. That could be get off the Interstate for a little while or you could...
  10. Sticky: Poll: Closed for the season.

    It has been confirmed that Tioga pass and Glacier point are closed for the season after significant snow fall. It looks as though the official closing date will be October 17 2021 which was the...
  11. Sticky: Cool.

    Wow! That's really cool and love the history.

  12. Sticky: Poll: Very cool !

    Very cool and I'm not talking about the weather ! Love Dan's photo's and his road trip ride!

  13. Sticky: Poll: The nudge they need perhaps.

    Yeah, it feels like we have just been waiting for the announcement for ages and was a case of 'when' not 'if'. Maybe this incoming storm will give them a nudge and they will call it for the season.
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    One day at a time.

    We are here to offer support should you need it when you depart or while you are on the road. Looking at it as a whole trip can seem daunting your first time but if you think of it as a days drive...
  15. Good luck and safe travels !

    Yes, I certainly hope all goes well for you Lifey and very pleased for you that you got to enjoy another USA trip with family and friends. Safe travels.

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    Check conditions prior to departure.

    What Michael was saying is that you can't pick a route that will guarantee the weather will be free of snow and ice or any other winter like weather. Before deciding on your route you should check...
  17. With regards to the weather all you can do is...

    With regards to the weather all you can do is wait and see what the forecast is a few days before you leave and then keep checking for updates. You may find a more northerly route is experiencing...
  18. When planning your route the important thing to...

    When planning your route the important thing to remember is not to take any notice of electronic mapping estimated drive times, they are just not realistic in the real world ! 550 -600 miles per day...
  19. Sticky: Poll: Not just snow and ice.

    I thought it possible that it would open a few days after they re-opened Glacier point road as the forecast was promising. However that hasn't happened so far and I have also learnt that it isn't...
  20. A few questions to start.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    OK so can you give us a bit more detail, is this a one way trip of 10 days or is it a round trip ? Which Raliegh are you headed for ? Have you any...
  21. Sticky: Poll: With that in mind.

    With the possibility of it re-opening this season I am going to throw a second dart (as I no longer have a valid entry) and say that the pass will close permanently on December 2nd at 5pm.

  22. Sticky: Poll: Glacier point road re-opens.

    Improved conditions has made it possible to get Glacier point road open again and with a few settled days ahead perhaps we could see the Tioga pass open again.

  23. Sticky: Poll: Maybe, Maybe not !!

    With night time temps hovering above freezing (36f) and daytime temps possibly touching 60f in the next few days at 8500 feet, just maybe we aren't done yet !

  24. Sticky: Poll: Winter weather advisory in place.

    From the National weather service.

    I wonder if this is enough to make them call it for the season ?

  25. You have a nice trip coming together !! I would...

    You have a nice trip coming together !! I would recommend driving through Prairie creek redwoods SP on the Newton B Drury parkway, it's a small diversion that hardly adds any time but a lovely...
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