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  1. Happy Holidays to us all!

    Thanks for this post. What a mess such a road closure will cause!

    Happy Holidays to us all!

  2. Once upon a time, even CB enthusiasts had callsigns issued by the FCC.

    Once upon a time, even CB enthusiasts had callsigns issued by the FCC. My CB operating license was KABC-4291 and I used it every time I used the radio. Later I used my handle "Silver Squid", but I...
  3. Sticky: Poll: Congratulations anuj1985!

    Congratulations to anuj1985!
  4. Certainly a puzzle

    That must have been a conversation starter!

    I didn't know about the barbed wired fence "receiver" that Rick mentioned, but I certainly heard his broadcasts.

    All very interesting.

  5. an internal LAN and it is disrupting that.

    Hmmm, that is interesting. Those are not cell phone towers, there is microwave and shortwave and looks like police bands in the 154.000 range.

    Years ago, I had a problem with a police...
  6. Sticky: Poll: Pretty day

    Clearing for now -- but it looks a tad chilly
    (Courtesy of
  7. Curious Minds Want the Details!

    Yes, I don't remember this reference either.

  8. Sticky: Poll: Show on Mt. Wilson

    Another pretty photo from Southern California. This is the main observatory at Mt. Wilson, California
    December 1, 2019 @...
  9. Sticky: Poll: Big Bear Village was reporting four feet of snow...

    Big Bear Village was reporting four feet of snow on the ground. That's an epic amount of snow for these mountains.

  10. Sticky: Poll: A short break in the clouds

    Mt. Whitney emerges from the storm (for now)
    (Courtesy of

    and the snow begins flying again......
  11. Sticky: Poll: Mt. Laguna is only 54 miles east of San Diego!

    Still too many clouds at Lone Pine to get a photo of Mt. Whitney, so I thought I would share something else.

    This is the web cam at Mt. Laguna where is currently 25 degrees F and just 54 miles...
  12. Sticky: Poll: Brrrrrrrrrrrr. That looks like a cold day in the park.

    Nice photo.

    Brrrrrrrrrrrr. That looks like a cold day in the park.

    And yes... I figured out how to share the images again from the Web cam. I was going to post a photo from the Mt. Whitney...
  13. Sticky: Poll: If it walks like a duck...


    Yeah, by our rules, the NPS is the determining factor of when the road is officially "closed" -- but I agree, it looks like we've achieved the end of Summer travel this year.
  14. One bug fixed + an improvement in the search function

    Bug Fix:

    Up until today at 5:30 pm PST, if you used the search keyword tool and managed to search with a keyword that we didn't have in the list, it would result in no maps and no RAs found and...
  15. Replies

    Ideally, a 100-hour or less refresh cycle would be best!

    Good information -- the places I looked -- seemed to be up-to-date -- even showing construction going on -- and the crews are out there this week working away.

    But a long refresh period would not...
  16. Sticky: Poll: I tried my usual tools -- they don't work --...

    I tried my usual tools -- they don't work -- there are source code blocks in there now.

  17. Replies

    RTA Complies

    Aren't you glad that does comply?

    It's was a bit of huge pain in the toosh -- but I guess it makes sense.

  18. Sticky: Poll: Seems like a silly thing for the Conservancy to have done

    Well, that's a real bummer.

    So, we can't use the screen grabs any longer, eh?

    As a result, I am thinking about cancelling my membership account. I think it's kind of dumb on their part.

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    Zoom and some other stuff

    At the highest degree of zoom, I would agree -- but I really liked the flexibility of the axis and being able to rotate the maps.

    And mostly I encourage any company that can find a way to...
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    Digital Globe Mapping Data

    This is a fun tool to look up your house or a campground!

    Put in Monument Valley for instance. You can switch the axis of the orientation of the display and other cool stuff.
  21. Youth athletic leagues are the usual culprit

    The thing you need to keep in mind in the smaller town in the western states in the summer months are the youth soccer/basketball/swim leagues. A single swim meet can use up all available motel...
  22. Might be better to use a rental car and motels this season!

    I have driven all over the USA in winter months in a RV -- it is always possible to find places to stop, even if many, if not all, of the RV campgrounds are closed for the season.

    The bigger...
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    Big Boy steam locomotive No. 4014

    We missed seeing the restored locomotive when it stopped by Las Vegas. But maybe it will be in your neighborhood soon.
  24. 2019 List Updated

    AZ Buck just revised and checked all of the links on this resource.

    Thanks for the update!

  25. Sticky: Rick, Operator-error (mine). It's there, post...

    Rick, Operator-error (mine). It's there, post #5.

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