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  1. Sticky: I was so pleased to hear from Mark about today's...

    I was so pleased to hear from Mark about today's celebration. And I am glad to have been a very small part of such a great website. It's been awhile since I have been active but we are planning a...
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    When I've slept in my car, it's normally been at...

    When I've slept in my car, it's normally been at places that are open 24-hours, be it a truck stop or just a 7-11, AM/PM, etc. Although, to be honest, if you are near a casino, I think that's the...
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    Love your Rav4 set-up. Very clever. Especially...

    Love your Rav4 set-up. Very clever. Especially love your dog. :)
  4. That's a bit hard to answer without a bit more...

    That's a bit hard to answer without a bit more information. I mean, I could give you quite a few ideas but they may not be the least be appropriate or interesting to you. Could you tell us just how...
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    Do you like being on the road?

    As Michael stated, you could do this trip either way. If you really like being on the road, then a roadtrip would be good. However, you need to keep in mind that you'll need three days each way,...
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    Snow more rare on I-5

    I think you should have the best luck not dealing with snow or ice if you take I-5. The main place where bad driving conditions might occur is the Siskiyous which is, basically, at the...
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    WY or MT

    Going to Yellowstone, with a stop in Cody on the way, would be a good detour if you have time for it.

    If you opt to stay on I-90, stop at the Little Bighorn Battlefield Monument (by the merge of...
  8. I echo the comments already made

    A few more comments....

    Unlike motels that are usually right off the highway, quick and easy to access once you're tired, campgrounds are generally a way off the highway. It's not unusual to...
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    DOT numbers might be all you need

    While a CB would be better to alert you to sudden problems up the road due to accidents, etc., you might also want to visit the websites for the DOT's for the various states you're driving through...
  10. Oh, that would drive me crazy!

    Not this woman! Way too much time finding one, parking, walking in. Gack! I'd rather go in the woods along some road, if need be. As a camper and avid backpacker in my youth, I'm well-versed in...
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    Free? Look for cheap

    Free places are usually places not designated for camping. It's really quite rare to find a free campground. And I would not suggest camping in an undesignated area. You could be on property...
  12. Some do/some don't

    I've seen many a gas station, convenience store, fastfood place, or restaurant that have signs that say restrooms are only for customers. And, I agree with Mark, I think it's a matter of courtesy. ...
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    Wow...that is going to be an adventure

    Between the spur-of-the-moment aspect, the varying ages of the kids, and no real plan, you can make this whatever you want it to be.

    Hope you can get an RV at this late date.

    Personally, if...
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    Tram reminded me of something...

    It's always fun to take the monorail (left over from Seattle's 1962 World's Fair) from Westlake Center in downtown Seattle to Seattle Center (where Experience Music Project and the Space Needle are...
  15. "kid in a candy store"

    Yup, I like that. It's a great analogy for road-tripping, imho. You always want more time.

    If you can't find time to get to the Grand Canyon, I think the route glc suggested from Arches to...
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    SW Camping in a car

    I wouldn't plan for that. Most nights it will be quite warm and a tent that you can zip open for ventilation (with built-in netting to keep out the bugs) would be far more comfortable.

    That said,...
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    Bummer, Lifey...I was excited about seeing a 444' long covered bridge and driving through it and it turns out it has been converted into a shopping center. Supposedly unique and interesting shops...
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    I always chuckle when I see bedbugs claimed in a review. I'm a tightwad and always stay in the cheapest places I can find if the weather isn't conducive to camping. While I've stayed in some shabby...
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    Lots of ideas in that discussion

    I'd be surprised if you can't find some things that will suit your family.

    And, remember, kids need to stretch and play a few times a day in order for the roadtrip to be enjoyable for all of you. ...
  20. Interesting

    Well, there may be services at other places but most require you to be a customer to use the restroom. That would be a problem for cheapie me!

    My state doesn't appear to be closing any which is...
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    What a great read!

    Having been absent again for a short time, I'd missed Lifey's updates. I had a bout of rare insomnia last night and decided to search out your roadtrip report and I'm glad I did. Amazing photos,...
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    Gonna get an adrenaline rush!

    We are taking a spur of the moment trip to Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, Idaho, just north of Coeur d'Alene next week. We will be leaving at the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning and have to be...
  23. Good suggestion!

    I'm really glad you popped in with that. I hesitated to recommend that route as I've never actually driven it and I wasn't sure how easy of a drive it is. Good to know.
  24. Sounds like a good detour to me!

    That route from Arches to the Grand Canyon is a relatively easy drive. Decent roads without a lot of traffic until you get close to the GC. It's only about 325 miles and would take you roughly 6...
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    Glad you had a great time!

    It's always wonderful to hear a first-timer report such a great experience because we know you are now hooked for life and will be doing future roadtrips. Welcome to the Roadtripper Club. :)
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