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  1. Sticky: No comparison

    Any pickup is not gonna handle like the delicious Corvair. :)

    A big problem for trucks is lack of weight on the back-end of a truck. My husband typically carries some heavy stuff in the back of...
  2. Sticky: Corvair....nice!

    I don't care what Nader says, I love the Corvair! I never thought about the engine heat issue and how that would effect the snow on the car though.

    Glad you made it safely and didn't hurt the...
  3. Sticky: I enjoyed your story, too!

    I bet you chuckle imagining how your dad would have acted had he been "re-captured". Funny...
  4. Sticky: Good stories!

    Far better to get stuck at the hotel than on the highway somewhere though! Funny how that happened.
  5. Sticky: Oh, I know what you mean

    We rarely get snow here. When we do, people freak a bit. But we are used to ice. Ice is far more common with all our rain. What's worse is what we call black ice. It's such a thin sheath you...
  6. Sticky: Closed up early?

    For that? guys are funny! Was there any real ice under that dusting of snow? That would change things a tad bit.
  7. Sticky: Pretty

    Such a light dusting. Did this make all of Louisiana go nutty? How long did it last? I'm guess about an hour? We woke up Friday morning to such a light dusting ourselves. Odd at this time of...
  8. Sticky: OK....I've never been stuck in the snow

    Many close calls and drives through snow and ice, but never stuck. (Maybe it's the fact that I always put studded tires on my car during the winter months?) So I thought I would share a real fun...
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