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  1. Sticky: I think you did a great job in the "telling"

    I enjoyed this tale -- doesn't sound like Stevie was that good a friend -- I am just glad everyone survived that night's adventure.

  2. Sticky: Somehow I missed this story earlier!

    That comment alone would have peaked my interest in Mary Powell -- too bad it didn't work out.... Great tale -- I have had one or two in similar vein -- but your description was very, very engaging...
  3. Sticky: Megan's view about getting stuck

    I figure that a good winter's drive is supposed to include getting stuck... at least once. Megan, my partner-in-crime, does not share this particular aspect of the roadtripping paradigm. ...
  4. Sticky: One good tale deserves another...

    I stopped at Davenport, Iowa one frigid November day, the previous night had seen a record ice storm and so the sun was out and it was a glorious day. Albeit very darn slippery on the highway. I...
  5. Sticky: I-40 gets my vote for the worst

    I have been in a couple of really bad ice storms in Texas. One very memorable November night I was in a un-intended caravan of nearly two hundred trucks stuck on I-40. It was a mess.

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