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  1. Sticky: Congratulations to Rick

    Yep, good idea to post that news here!


  2. Sticky: Great action shot of Rick

    The old goat photo was priceless and is now the "official RTA photo" of Rick Quinn on the Advisor's Page.

    (You will need to scroll down the page to Rick's entry to see it)
  3. Sticky: It is a legally responsible - for consumer protection


    This restriction grew out of a legal necessity. Too many deaths have occurred from consumers using Google Maps, without employing common sense, and driving onto what should have been closed...
  4. Sticky: Snow is the culprit in this case


    Thanks for the link -- but that's not the source of the difficulty. If the roads are closed due to snow, Tom can't create this time of year.

    As can be seen on this official NPS map....
  5. Sticky: Well, you've certainly given Tom a challenge as...

    Well, you've certainly given Tom a challenge as he works on the map covering this leg!

  6. Sticky: Fantastic geyser view captures!

    Fantastic geyser view captures!
  7. Sticky: Pretty amazing photos.

    Pretty amazing photos.
  8. Sticky: Quite the interesting tale!

    Quite the interesting tale!
  9. Sticky: Mine as well

    Mine too. I still drive neighborhoods in the cities I know well, because there are always things that I run across that I had no idea would be found there. And I like take roads when I don't really...
  10. Sticky: Rick Quinn -- wearer of many hats

    I think we are going to enjoy this field report.

    The author of this thread is also the author of Arizona and New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips and you can read more about his book here.
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