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  1. How it's looking....

    And this is how it's looking right now.

    South entrance

    Bright Angel trailhead...
  2. Sticky: Poll: What's going on here?!?!

    It looks as though 'Big Foot' may have visited the Hump and had a run around !

    Very strange.

  3. Time available?

    How much time will you have available for your second trip with the dogs ? As Buck mentioned, there are too many options and combinations to count so a good place to start might be to look over the...
  4. Sticky: Poll: Tuolumne Meadows update from the Rangers.

    The earliest to hit a century in their 12 winters !

    And what about this image, captured on Jan 16th along the Tioga road. (Wow !!)
  5. Sticky: Poll: Staying put for now. (?)

    The sky has cleared and there is no snow forecast over the next few days. It's going to be very cold though so although it's unlikely to grow, it's not likely to go anywhere either !

  6. Sticky: Poll: Could it...?

    I've never seen it that high and with a further weather warning in effect I wonder if it will completely cover the view ?

    Love that image in Yosemite valley !!

  7. Well deserved !

    A well deserved break for the two of you and the South rim always brings with it memories of our first ever trip to the States ! Hopefully the roads are clear but you will get to see a snow covered...
  8. Sticky: Poll: ...and so it grows !

    Complete white out and the hump continues to 'Thrive'.

    I love this image from the Yosemite Rangers taken in the...
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    I don't think there is a toll across Richmond...

    I don't think there is a toll across Richmond eastbound but there is if you use 1-580 express lanes. You can find Toll details for the Bay area here.

    There can be lovely views looking down to...
  10. Check road conditions for any route before...

    Check road conditions for any route before heading off. At the moment I believe there is a closure on CA1 due to a rock slide and at present there are dense fog and flood concerns. Safe travels.
  11. Sticky: Poll: Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

    The hump continues to grow and with the possibility of another 4 to 8 feet of fresh snow to come between Saturday and Tuesday it could get a lot bigger yet ! This will hopefully be great news for...
  12. Sticky: Poll: Another cool image

    Love the cloud formation over the mountains, it reminds me of an alien spacecraft !

    And yes there is a lot of snow...
  13. Thank you.

    Thanks for dropping by with an update. Pleased you had a good journey in both directions.
  14. Sticky: Poll: Back with a bang for 2023 !

    Yeah the hump is back big time for the New year !!

    What a great image from the Sentinel webcam.

    Happy New Year...
  15. Sticky: Poll: The hump is back.

    It looks as though plenty of snow will sweep through the Sierra's from now into the New year and the hump is making a comeback !
  16. If there is a choice........

    The problem I see is that you are giving yourself too much to do on day 2, both options being over 650 miles. For any time of year that's a lot and starting to push boundaries of safety, during...
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    I see them.

    Just to let you know as the title says, I see them in that link also.

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    Good to know.

    Thanks for dropping by with an update and glad to hear you had a great time. The Beemer was a nice treat for the roads travelled ! It's great scenery and if that area doesn't capture your heart then...
  19. Sticky: Poll: December crashes in !

    Well it's certainly looking a lot like winter for the rest of the week !! It's possible that the high points along Tioga pass could see 5 foot of snow accumulation laying on the ground by Sunday...
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    Sacrificing one for the other.

    Your revised plan is doable and if you are happy to keep on the move will be enjoyable. What you need to consider is your travel times and if that leaves you enough time at each destination to keep...
  21. Sticky: Poll: Have to agree.

    I tend to agree even though a PITA for those touring without wanting to be tied down to dates. As we travel off season we have not experienced the congestion but it's not hard to imagine it impacting...
  22. Sticky: Poll: That's it folks!

    Although Yosemite 'Alerts' page are still declaring it as a Temporary closure the official 'Opening and closing' pages have confirmed it as closed for the season on October 31st. Unfortunately no...
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    Sticky: Teams in town!

    Red Bull and Mercedes (between them they have dominated the sport in recent years) made a guest appearance in Vegas earlier this month. 20 cars racing around this street circuit reaching close to...
  24. You're welcome. Looking around the forums and...

    You're welcome. Looking around the forums and planning links at the top and of bottom of each page will offer plenty of ideas and info. (You can find 'Similar threads' by scrolling down and each one...
  25. Being flexible is key, if you see a window of...

    Being flexible is key, if you see a window of opportunity you can take it. It's also good to have flexibility in the time you allow for the journey, that way the pressure is off on arrival date and...
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