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  1. Sticky: Rick was there too, (sorta)

    And a toast back to you!

    Rick, notice who is featured on the slide show on the TV monitors...
  2. Sticky: Here is the slideshow that was playing at the "Let's Celebrate" event

    Here is the link to see the slide show from 26 years on the road and online.

    How many RTA folks do you recognize?

  3. Sticky: I got to meet Pat Mount at the event.


    Glad you managed to see the show on Facebook Live. The stream cut my opening out -- the cameraman was talking to a young woman and forgot to turn it on.

    Ah, well.

    Did you see the...
  4. Sticky: Dave, I wish you and Lezli could be here too. ...

    Dave, I wish you and Lezli could be here too.

    We'll wave to you on the live stream.

  5. Sticky: Hope you can join us!

    Hope you can join us!
  6. Sticky: You're Invited to Las Vegas, on March 5th

    GUEST REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. But if you would still like to join us, contact me at
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