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  1. Sticky: A good night !

    Distracted was he, huh ? (Haha)

    Yeah that was cool.

    Always nice to meet in IRL !
  2. Sticky: Top stuff !!

    Well I got to check in and watch via Facebook, so Thanks for the stream and Congratulations on the event and the 26 years of success of Roadtripamerica. I also wanted to mention how amazing it is to...
  3. Sticky: Cool.

    Thanks Mark.

    Will this be available to watch back at a later time or only live ? We may try to stay awake but it will be 3am here in the UK by the time you get under way.

  4. Sticky: Wishing you all a great night!!

    I'm sure all of you will have a fantastic evening so I just wanted to say have a great time and a lot of fun. We are gutted we can't be with you for this celebration but wish you all the best.
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