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  1. Sticky: Poll: Some believed it was still happening !

    Yes I'd also heard about the tipping of embers, not so good ! Some of the photos from this years 'event' were so realistic there were comments for this practice to be banned immediately !!

  2. Sticky: Poll: 'Firefall'.

    When all the elements come together correctly sometime during february some lucky visitors to Yosemite can get to witness the specatacular 'Firefall' event at Horsetail falls. It takes a window of...
  3. Sticky: Poll: Rain crust.

    Here's a winter update from the Yosemite rangers at Tuolumne meadows.

    They reported a brief period of freezing rain followed by wet snow and below freezing temperatures, resulting in what they...
  4. Well you where to come if you need any help or...

    Well you where to come if you need any help or suggestions ! ;-)
  5. Better late than never for sure !!

    Welcome back and thanks for the reoprt so far, it's great and a real shot in the arm for those of us who are dreaming of being able to hit the road again one day soon. Hopefully !!

    Your trip...
  6. My thoughts but it's your trip.

    With the trailer and family you really don't want to be travelling more than 400 miles a day by the time you consider regular stops and hooking up and setting down each day, so you are looking at 5...
  7. More detail.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Before anyone could get into finer detail we would need to know a bit more. For example, how much time are you planning to spend making the journey ? Have...
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    One of my favourite drives is UT24/scenic 12....

    One of my favourite drives is UT24/scenic 12. It's well worth getting on the road at a reasonable time from the Moab area and spending a little time at Capitol reef NP on the way. It's a lovely...
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    Sounds great !

    On a multi day trip we recommend sticking to a limit of around 550 miles per day so it doesn't become a complete chore and that the 'silent killer' fatigue doesn't creep up and get a hold of you.
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    Goals for the trip?

    Perhaps more info would help. Where exactly are you starting out from and whats your idea of not "Killing it each day". I roughly laid the route out at a little under 2400 miles, 6 days of 400 miles...
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    Lots of options.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The trip you have laid out is 4 comfortable days on the road and if you plan on staying a whole day with your friends it leaves you a little 'wiggle' room for...
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    Safety and comfort.

    I would agree with the above and just make sure you check road and weather conditions before leaving and along the way. The key to safety and a reasonably comfortable journey is to give yourself...
  13. Sticky: Congratulations !

    Thank you Mark and Megan, we really enjoyed it!

    Dave and Lezli
  14. Sticky: Poll: Let it snow !

    The hump has retreated quite a bit but it could be making a comeback. Snow is forecast for later this afternoon and on and off through the weekend to Washington's birthday on Monday. Snow depth is...
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    A few suggestions

    If I am reading this correctly, you have 15 days after departing from Glacier NP ? If that is the case then you do give yourself a lot of options and Yellowstone could well be one of those as well...
  16. Sticky: First thoughts.

    I think Australia is 10 and 11 hours ahead of us in the UK and you are 8 hours behind ? That would mean starting at 2pm your local time would be 10pm for us and 8 or 9am for those 'Down under'....
  17. Sticky: Congratulations !

    25 years is one heck of a milestone ! I'm a bit of late comer to the party having "only" joined up in 2007 for our first ever American Roadtrip, which we thought would be a once in a lifetime event...
  18. Sticky: Poll: And here it is.

    The hump is back for 2021 and there's plenty more snow to come !

  19. Sticky: Poll: 6 to 10 feet of snow accumulation possible !

    Looks like a lot of snow is on it's way to the Sierra's in the next few days !!

    This is the forecast in Tuolumne meadows area.

    And this is an urgent weather warning issued by the National...
  20. Some thoughts to ponder.

    The Million dollar highway is an amazing drive and the only thing I can think of when you say "turn dangerous" is during the winter months when ice and snow might be an issue. I drove it in a 30ft RV...
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    More info required.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There really is no single "Best route" just plenty of options that need to align with your personal goals, which we know nothing of other than your start and...
  22. Another thing to consider is that National parks...

    Another thing to consider is that National parks get booked up quickly in the summer months, especially Yellowstone where booking should be a priority. Of course things are unpredictable in the...
  23. Have you considered just flying in and out of...

    Have you considered just flying in and out of Denver and creating a circular route ? It could possibly save you some money on a one way car rental. I agree with Buck, I would also like to explore a...
  24. Great that you got a copy of this great travel...

    Great that you got a copy of this great travel book, lots of of wonderful info and images !

    Don't forget though, if you have any other questions regarding your trip in the future as your planning...
  25. Thread: No Snow

    by Southwest Dave

    No guarantees

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The only way you can avoid snow is to keep an eye on the weather forecast and travel accordingly, nowhere is immune from it during winter months and...
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