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  1. International Travel in the Covid era.

    Reminds me of the polio epidemic, in the 40s & 50s, when we could not visit relatives who had, or had lost a member with polio.

    My trip too is tentative.

    We (in Melbourne) had a very hard...
  2. More than two children......?

    Here's another site you may li9ke to check out, it lists accommodation which caters for those who travel with three, four, five or six children. Altough I notice that they have precious few...
  3. I do!!

    I do! of course I do!! Memory is just not what it used to be, and could not be bothered to get out my atlas.

    Thanks for picking it up.

  4. Another Thought.

    Have you thought of including Niagara Falls in your itinerary. US-2 from Albany and Niagara is a most fantastic road with lots of history. Just west of Albany you'd think you are in Europe going...
  5. An insiduous, invisible enemy.

    The advice above is sound and solid. Treat this as a marathon. No matter how well you feel at the end of that first day, stop and have a good night's sleep. The following days do exactly the...
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    Go for it.

    At your age I drove to Alaska and back on my own. Have done that trip 4 times since the turn of the century. In fact I always travel on my own. I decide where I will turn, when/where I will...
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    Missing my vanlife

    Way to go!! It's the utter freedom which is the attraction for most. Not being able to hop in my van is driving me insane. (In Melbourne we're restricted to 5km from home max.)

    That site...
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    Truck Stops

    As one who has been staying at truck stops for years, some trips for months on end, be aware, not all truck stops allow overnight parking, especially with an RV. [e.g. Pilot/FJ has something like...
  9. There are more concerns with private arrangements.

    Follow Michael's advice and contact AutoDriveaway. Driving soneone else's car has many more concerns than those mentioned by Michael. Everything in the car is YOUR responsibilty. What if you...
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    Sticky: Down right depressing.

    It's more than scary here, it is geting down right depressing. Our State (Victoria), and our State alone has been cordened off by the rest of the country, and the cases have gone through the...
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    Hear! hear!!

    Never a truer word was written. My arrival in the U.S. should have been 10 days ago. No light on the horizon yet.


  12. No need to stay in the NPs to visit them.

    Don't let not wanting to stay within National Parks stop you from visiting what are some of the greatest wonders of the natural world. I have visited the Grand Canyon several times for multiple days,...
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    That could be so.

    I think you're right. Much more likley to have been in Sydney. Sounds like he may be in country NSW, or QLD. I dsoubt there is any wine growing areas in NT, but there is lots in country NSW. ...
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    How sad.

    So sorry for her. I agree they may have been beter off staying. I am also aware that folk who are now overstaying their visas, are not being deported.

    Where does their son live? Sydney or...
  15. Heading Home

    Early on I made the decision that I would drive home alone. Now that I had crossed the Nullabor, I knew what to expect, where the services were, and what they were like. So felt quite confident. ...
  16. A week in Exmouth

    [OMG. I can't believe it is almost 2 months since I looked at this thread. Too many other things going on in the current environment.]

    The caravan park where we were staying was about a km from...
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    Sure hope not.

    Mark, I hope that will not be the case. Might sound selfish, but I for one rely on it.

    My oldest son has lost his job - business closed - and my second son, who for years has worked in...
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    Is it worth the risk?

    Why not find something more productive to do at home, to stop from going up the wall. You're not alone. We're all in the same boat.

    On average one infected person infects three others. How...
  19. What am I missing?

    This has made most interesting reading. All the ongoing costs to keep owning a vehicle. Has lrft me wondering why I don't have any of those. Or am I missing something.... is there something I...
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    Sticky: The $11000+ Dinner Party.

    The stay at home and physical distancing rules have been very strict here, and most folk are abiding by them. But when the authorities became aware of half a dozen or so cars parked at one home in...
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    Ask the thousands of families and friends in NJ, NY, MA and numberous other places, who have lost loved ones. Their inconsolable grief at not being able to have been there to comfort them in their...
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    For what it is worth......

    Right now, I would not be driving anywhere. There are limited services available in most places, and you don't know who you will meet. Are you able to extend your holiday and wait until the stay...
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    Use the system to your advantage.

    It's the only thing we have had for more than 20 years. If you don't have a transponder the cost is much higher. I live right near a toll road (into the city), never use it and don't have a...
  24. All unknown.

    Like you, my trip has been postponed to a date yet to be determined. It's not on my mind at the moment, too many immediate issues which are occupying my mind and time. Meanwhile, daughter in...
  25. Dampier, Nanutarra and the Burkett Road.

    Leaving Pt Hedland there was a short track back over the Great Norhern Highway, before picking up the the North West Coastal Highway, which runs all he way to Perth, but rarely goes near the coast ...
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