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    A good place to start.

    Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Here's a thread which is being build at the moment. Probably the best place for you to start.

    There is also a forum on saving money on a road...
  2. Don't overlook US-83.

    Head up to I-40 east and take that to Childress TX. Turn north onto US-83 and take that all the way to I-90, then I-90 straight to Rochester.

    I drove this route only last year and found it to...
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    Could not agree more.

    As a relatively frequent visitor to the US for family reasons, and one who stays for months, not weeks, I would put your itenirary in my four or five months. You just do not have the slightest...
  4. 4th July

    My next destination now was to head to NYC for the 4th July. I took my time, and several days to get to Boston, and visit son. Daughter was away. Mostly drove down US-1, with a few side trips...
  5. Detour will depend on which way you route.

    :-) Give my Regards to Duncan and John (the boss).

    Missoula is not really that far out of the way, if you enter the US through Lethbridge and Milk River, onto I-15. Shelby is a lovely little...
  6. Furthermore....

    When it comes to maps, you should be able to get detailed maps of the States through which you will be travelling from CAA - free if you are members.

    US-2 across Minnesota will take you near the...
  7. Here's how I go about it.

    Welcome to the Road Trip America forum.

    Like yourself, my geography of North America continues to be a work in progress, despite the fact that I have driven some 250.000 miles across the...
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    So many pooints of interest to choose from.

    Check out a good (paper) map, and you will see lots of scenic routes and points of interest - historical, nature, wildlife, touristy traps -marked on that map. Get off the interstates and see just...
  9. As Dave says, it sure is! Many of my trips have...

    As Dave says, it sure is! Many of my trips have included much of Canada, such a beautiful country.

    And don't forget, America is a continent - not a country! The country is the United States of...
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    Somewhere on this site I have posted my experiences of relocating some 24 vehicles over more than 45000 miles in 2001 and 2004. These were all with Autodriveaway. In those days they had 60...
  11. You need to ask and look - but not on the w.w.w.

    Most automobile clubs worldwide have a reciprocal arrangement for travellers.

    The out of the way places you can learn about when you are chatting with the locals. Ask them where their favourite...
  12. A little aside.

    Dave, since this is not your first trip to the US, I wonder if you are aware that your automobile club (RACV, NRMA etc.) membership will give you access to free maps and tourism information from the...
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    Trail Ridge Road.

    Be aware that this road, at 14000ft. can be closed at any moment by blizzards. Even when you are told it is open, you might be half way up the mountain when a blizzard blows in, and it closes.

  14. Destination:- US-1 Northern terminus.

    Yup, it is vice versa! :-)

    My next destination was also by the Canadian border. I headed to Maine, and the northern terminus of US-1. On previous trips I have driven just about all of US-1...
  15. Sticky: I'll be travelling it all with you.

    If the flight was possible on day 18, and this is a free day, or if day 18 turns out to be a free day, it would be ideal to use it to take a trip to Seldovia, across the bay. It is only a half day...
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    My preference.

    That way I have stumbled upon some of the most memorable places, just because a local recommended it. All I do is ask where they would go to get away for a few days. Most will be only too happy...
  17. A unique place.

    Heading into Vermont my first stop was at the Welcome Centre on scenic route US-7. It was a great place to have lunch, and a cup of tea. A gentleman who works there, but was not on duty this day,...
  18. That's if you take US-395.

    There is another route: US-95. This will take you through much of remote NV, and some interesting little towns, as well as a Ghost Town. The remote desert landscape is stunning along this route,...
  19. Yup... not easy, and costly, but still worth it.

    My wheels are not on an RV. Mine is an old Ford conversion van. I store mine in NC, for $22 a month, out in the open. I travel for between 3 and 6 months every two years, so it is in storage...
  20. Hi, we will do our first relocation trip this Tuesday ........................

    The RV is being relocated, and no doubt a free or very cheap deal. felamichel should be asking all these questions of the company, not here when none of us know the conditions of the contract.
  21. Heading to the Canadian Border.

    Goodness, how time flies. It is now almost 10 weeks since I was able to continue on here. Somehow life's issues got in the way. Now that I have put those issues in the hands of a competent...
  22. Not all flights go over the National Park

    Be aware that most flights over the Canyon advertised in Las Vegas, fly over the west rim, which is nowhere near as spectacular as the National Park. To be sure to get a flight over the Canyon's...
  23. Two thoughts.

    1/ South America is considerably cheaper (and poorer) than North America. Go hike and camp and have a ball. Fulfill your adventurous yearnings. Then when you have worked for some years, and...
  24. Sleeping in an SUV

    I have slept on a mattress in the rear of an SUV in summer, the front seats fully forward. Can't see how you could do it with two in winter. Best you have a few trial weekends and work out where...
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    Like washing a hi-top van at the truck wash.

    You'll find those who work in these places love to see something other than another truck. It is the same everytime I have my hi-top van washed. Feels a little intimidating lined up with all the...
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