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    Use the system to your advantage.

    It's the only thing we have had for more than 20 years. If you don't have a transponder the cost is much higher. I live right near a toll road (into the city), never use it and don't have a...
  2. All unknown.

    Like you, my trip has been postponed to a date yet to be determined. It's not on my mind at the moment, too many immediate issues which are occupying my mind and time. Meanwhile, daughter in...
  3. Dampier, Nanutarra and the Burkett Road.

    Leaving Pt Hedland there was a short track back over the Great Norhern Highway, before picking up the the North West Coastal Highway, which runs all he way to Perth, but rarely goes near the coast ...
  4. Good news.

    Heard on the radio yesterday, that only 20 fires are still burning. All are under control.

  5. Newman - Port Hedland and Dampier.

    When I left Leinster, my plan had been to go up to Wiluna and cut across to the Great Northern Highway at Meekatharra. But when I saw that the extension of the Goldfields Highway was only partially...
  6. City of Kalgoorlie.

    As a result of all of the above, I spent quite some time in the city itself. Although it is a city, it is not quite busy enough to have parking meters. And only a few traffic lights. The large...
  7. No surprise.

    How typical!!!

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    I'll second that.

    By far the best map they ever published! There would have been much I never would have seen without it.

  9. 90 mile straight road and spacecraft debris.

    One of the highlights of the Nullabor Highway is the 90 mile stretch of STRAIGHT road. Not a kink, not a bend, just straight road. And yes, it remained as the 90 mile stretch even after the...
  10. Congratulations

    Not just for you.

    My 2001, 2004 and 2007, were just trips. I was trying to get to learn about North America. Was not aware of many protocols, and basically just hit the road, and went. Then...
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    No go!

    Wlcome o the Great American RoadTrip Forums.

    If you cannot spare at least six days, then you better book some airline tickets. Actually, you'd possibly need seven days, to allow for winter...
  12. If the roads are open.

    Since you are coming from Seattle, you would go first to Stanley and then Missoula. The best way to do this is to take State highway 75 from Twin Falls - which by the way should be running a banker...
  13. Yup! That's another issue.

    Yup, that is going to be another issue, especially in Canada. I recall driving to Alaska once . From memory, it was late April, early May, and I joined some other folk (tent) camping by the side...
  14. No gaurantee roads will be passible.

    Whereas Dave has some great suggestions, all of which would be feasible if it were a little later in the year. In a month from half way through April to half way through May, there is no guarantee...
  15. Across the Nullarbor.

    Not long after leaving Ceduna and heading west, there was a sign signifying the start of the Nullarbor NP. It is only when I stopped to read the sign that it dawned on me..... Null = nill; arbor =...
  16. On to Ceduna.

    Whereas the others followed the suggested route to Snowtown along the highway and through Adelaide, I chose to take a route through the Adelaide Hills, and Murray Bridge. a lovely town. I just...
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    The price you pay for free camping.

    As mentioned above, fatigue is a huge issue with long distance drives. Unfortunately it sneaks up on you without your being aware of it. By the time you become aware, you have already been...
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    Convining a three year old to a car seat for...

    Convining a three year old to a car seat for three full days borders on (IS) child abuse!

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    Not only a magic place - Alaska calls you back.

    Peter, you are already bringing back so many memories. I love the Glenn Highway and the Matanuska Glacier region. Must also say, I am so fortunate to have my own vehicle. It goes where I tell...
  20. From one Aussie to Another.

    Some years ago I visited Yellowstone NP in late May. Of the times I have been there - and you can't visit Yellowstone too often - it was the most wonderful visit. The animals were out with their...
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    All good points, however....

    Donna and Mark both make good points. There are signigicant and interesting things to see/do in LA, and I have enjoyed them when I was there - many years ago. On the other hand the traffic is a...
  22. The first two days.

    So it was on the 1st October I set out to meet up with three other ladies in Beaufort, approx 150 kms west of Melbourne. None of us had met before. One other lady was retired and lives in her...
  23. A large map.

    If you are able to get a wall sized, detailed map of the United Staes, you'd find the overall planning tons easier. I prefer the maps the National Geographic Publish, for all the detail they have -...
  24. Ray, the comparison is the ease and the state of...

    Ray, the comparison is the ease and the state of the road network. So much variety. Go to Perth you have ONE road, and Darwin is not much better. It is the ease of driving and the facilities...
  25. No comparison!!!

    Come now Ray, if you have previously driven in North America, you must be aware that there is no comparison. In the last six months I have taken two short trips through Victoria; driven to Goulburn...
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