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  1. Sticky: Poll: It worked!

    The official Tioga pass 'Historical opening and closing' has been updated so now it's official, the pass opened on May 27th @9am with the snowpack at 41 percent of average on April 1st. (Could of...
  2. Sticky: Poll: Update.

    The Yosemite Facebook team have replied to my question on their page (Perhaps I have prompted them to update Status page?) and they confirmed that the Tioga pass did open on May 27th as scheduled. ...
  3. Sticky: Poll: It is open.

    The Tioga pass is confirmed as open on the Yosemite's road status listing so all we have to do is wait for the confirmation of the actual date it opened.

    If it is May 27th as I expect, it looks...
  4. Sticky: Poll: Would love to be there right now !

    It looks pretty spectacular in Yosemite right now with temperatures in the valley forecast at 77F and up on the high ground at over 8000 ft it could reach 67F tomorrow !

    From the Sentinel cam...
  5. Sticky: Poll: Open ? Maybe maybe not !

    On Yosemite's 'Tioga road plowing update' page it states that the road opened as planned on Friday 27th May at 9am and on the 'Alerts in effect' section it now only mentions Glacier point road being...
  6. Sticky: Poll: Yikes!

    That's like Death valley prices !

    I cant find any updates on the status of Tioga pass. It still states that it will open on the 27th at 9am (yesterday) but on Yosemites road status page it remains...
  7. Sticky: Poll: Yes, when shopping around.

    Yes, that's a good ball park figure, higher prices as you would expect on Motorways.
  8. Sticky: Poll: Oh I wish !

    You sure know how to make an Englishman weep !

  9. Sticky: Poll: Yeah that's bad luck.

    Yes I think you were unfortunate there Donna. After opening to cycles it's usually just a case of opening up to motorized vehicles a day or 2 later.

    As always we will wait for official...
  10. Sticky: Poll: Opening !?!

    The Tioga pass opens to bicycles today and will be open to them tomorrow before being closed again, due to possible hazards during construction repairs between May 23rd through to 26th.

    On the...
  11. Sticky: Poll: Wind and snow !

    There is a Hazardous weather warning in place with regards to strong winds in and around Yosemite and not ideal for Plow crews to be working in. We can also expect a few inches of fresh snow from...
  12. Sticky: Poll: The clean up and repairs begin.

    The crews have plowed the lenght of the road now they have to open it up, clear all the debris and get the service areas cleared and de-winterized and tasks such as repairing the road and remove any...
  13. Sticky: Poll: Final update from the winter rangers.

    Yes it's been a strange one, summed up on April 13th with the final post from the Tuolumne winter rangers shwon below.

  14. Sticky: Poll: Plowing has begun but winter isn't quite done yet !

    Plowing started on April 15th and the crews have got as far as Tenaya lake, but following the storm on the 22nd and 23rd of April they are expecting to find several feet of new snow along the entire...
  15. Sticky: Poll: A hint of snow. Glacier point to remain closed through 2022.

    There is a little snow forecast for the second half of the week but it doesn't look as though it will amount to much. We should see the plows starting to work on the pass next week and some reports...
  16. Sticky: Poll: As thought.

    Below is an update posted by Yosemite, as thought it's not good news !

  17. Sticky: Poll: Another drought year.

    Following on from heavy snows in December 2021, 2022 has been a dry one so far and early signs are indicating a low April 1st snowpack survey for a 3rd year of drought in a row, possibly the lowest...
  18. Sticky: Poll: Ping the poll!

    Hello Limane and welcome to RTA !

    Yes this is the right place to submit your prediction, but can you go to the Poll at the top of the thread and select the appropriate date range to validate your...
  19. Sticky: Poll: Nice capture from Elizabeth lake.

    There has been a mix of weather over the last few weeks bringing cold nights and some warm days, followed by Northeast winds that brought some much welcomed fresh snow.

    This photo was captured by...
  20. Sticky: Poll: Winter is alive and well !

    A winter storm is blasting it's way through the Sierra's at present creating a Winter weather warning from the National weather service.

    With a cold East wind temperatures could drop to a...
  21. Sticky: Poll: Up to now.

    Just catching up with whats been happening in Yosemite and it appears that January has been an extremely dry month and winter seems to have forgotten it's still meant to be winter !! The good news...
  22. Sticky: Poll: Competition. The 33rd Tioga pass prognosticator. Spring opening 2022 !!

    How would you like to win a free tank of gas for your road trip ride and become our Tioga pass Spring opening prognosticator champ!?

    Entry to the competition is also free !!

    With the...
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