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  1. Update 7/19/13

    News reports state the crack in the northbound lane is increasing in length and width. Further states "assessment continuing".

    I'd have to say a quick resolution does not seem likely.

  2. Wrong basin!

    While looking more closely at the maps of the slump area, I discovered the Asheville water supply basin is NOT affected by the slump, but due to other vagaries of local topography, the overall...
  3. That's correct, glc. The closed section is along...

    That's correct, glc. The closed section is along the climb from Asheville (at about 2,500') to Mount Mitchell State Park (topping at 6,700'). The Mt Mitchell massif is a huge wall with little other...
  4. Blue Ridge Parkway closure near Mount Mitchell, NC

    The following was copied/pasted from another forum today:

    A 20-mile section of the Blue Ridge Parkway is closed in western North Carolina because of a crack in the pavement.

    The terms of use...
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