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    Congratulations Lezli and Dave.

    Many more happy years.

    Looks a great road trip vehicle but being 6 foot 4 inches never been able to get comfortable in these small spaces – a good large hotel bed is my style. Somerset is a...
  2. A real experience.........

    Lifey please keep an open mind.

    Over a couple of years ago I had a real emergency when I fell and severely broke a hip bone when out walking. Was impracticable to carry all the required travel...
  3. Works for me....

    When travelling my method is to put all copies of relevant papers, photos and documents in a selection of emails and then send to myself – say Google Gmail – and saved them in the travel section. ...
  4. Cave dwellings.

    A couple of cave dwellings that may be of interest.

    Bandelier National Monument. A large park area which includes old cave dwellings of the Pueblo People which you can walk around. Near Los...
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    Poll: Stunning views of Yosemite.

    A brilliant and stunning piece of photography which shows Yosemite at its best.

    Only five minutes long – be sure to watch to the end.
  6. Thread: Us 89

    by Eris

    What about some culture.

    Charles Russell (1864 -1926) was an artist of the Old American West who painted hundreds of pictures of cowboys, Indians, and landscapes. He is known as the cowboy artist.

    He lived and painted in...
  7. Couples of thoughts.

    Just looked at your Google route map at message 6.

    Don’t know whether the name James Dean means anything to you – the Hollywood actor who was killed in a car crash near Pasco Robles, CA. Your...
  8. Route 36 more than a jump across.

    Once drove route 36 from route 101 to Red Bluff at the I-5.

    It was a long tiring time on a two lane road full of twists, turns and ups and downs. About 140 miles long and with a brief stop took...
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    Remembered the remote border crossing on USA /...

    Remembered the remote border crossing on USA / Canada line - it was the Chief Mountain Border Crossing. It is seasonal and opens 15 May this year. A very scenic part of the world.
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    An option via Glacier N P.

    A few years past took a road trip from USA to Canada via Glacier N P which was very scenic and interesting.

    From Missoula travelled via Glacier NP - Going to Sun Road - to Canada passing through...
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    Do not forget there are ferry options , which...

    Do not forget there are ferry options , which will take time, to be decided.
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    Google map driving times are for robots.

    A robot driven car would simply drive from A to B conforming to speed limits etc. just with the purpose of completing the drive, which maybe from a few miles to over 5000 miles in USA with no stops...
  13. You certainly have a great trip taking shape. ...

    You certainly have a great trip taking shape.

    Memories – takes me back to a visit we made to Glacier National Park and a trip in one of the famous red buses.

    These pictures will give you a...
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    But……….. like your brother the redwoods near...


    like your brother the redwoods near Crescent City are not to be dismissed so easily. The 10 mile scenic drive through Jedediath Smith Redwoods State Park along Howland Hill Road through...
  15. On your way from Yellowstone NP /Grand Tetons...

    On your way from Yellowstone NP /Grand Tetons towards Denver some places you may find of interest.

    Continental Divide. Depending which road you take you will cross the continental divide. Sure it...
  16. Rules are rules

    Must admit on my many travels to the USA I have, on many occasions driven “on a well maintained gravel highway”. I have used the reasoning, would I drive my own car on the road. If so I went...
  17. Rental Car.

    Rental terms, when shove comes to push, comes down the exact words used in the agreement. Say what a court would or would not accept as scrutinized by lawyers.

    For example, take the wording from...
  18. A few ideas.

    Seattle. A good route to see part of the Olympic NP from Seattle is to take the ferry, regular hour times, from Edmonds to Kingston (just north of Seattle). You just turn up and drive onto the ferry...
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    Good news about the weight loss – keep it up. ...

    Good news about the weight loss – keep it up.

    This New Year my wife decided she needed a plan to do something with fitness in mind. She has joined a local gym and is committed to going twice a...
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    Alaska Highway.

    Here is an online source of information from the Milepost which includes visitor information, camping, fuel, food and accommodation etc.

    A good place to start your research. Have a great trip.
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    As a White Rose of Yorkshire native I’m drawn to...

    As a White Rose of Yorkshire native I’m drawn to post a few thoughts.

    Firstly, if a family like yours visited York and said they were not interested in seeing York Minster or the Roman Wall, what...
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    Is weight gain as simple as calories consumed...

    Is weight gain as simple as calories consumed exceed calories expended?

    I have been fortunate with weight; it must be genes thing. My wife does struggle as she seems to get hungry quicker than I...
  23. Thanks Mark. It is a wonderful place to visit...

    Thanks Mark. It is a wonderful place to visit and leaves good memories.

    Point Reyes well illustrates the need to allow time on a trip to visit these gem off the beaten track places which are...
  24. Force of nature.

    What struck me most when making a visit was the physical effects of The San Andreas Fault which bisects the Point Reyes peninsula from the California mainland. The Pacific plate is estimated to creep...
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    The future.

    Foy. I think we are from the old school brought up on paper road maps with a degree of vision.

    Sounds like science fiction but down the road can see new smart cars that have a mind to compensate...
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