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  1. Maybe a rethink.

    As already mentioned by noFanofCB, you will finding camping at this time of year difficult. If you really want to camp, best you check which campgrounds are still open in your time frame. I have...
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    An unforgettable road.

    There is a passport available for you to get marked at all the attractions along the way. I do not recall how or where I got mine, but one of the tourist places should have them. Maybe it is even...
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    I read it differently.

    Note: by mid November, the North Rim will be closed for the winter. Only the South Rim is open year round.

    If you are coming from (i.e. live in) Denver, you could do a loop trip through Utah,...
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    The Dodge, my van and the Alcan

    The Dodge I was so generously offered by friends was a Caravan, not a Grand Caravan. When I was in Ft Nelson BC campground, I was parked next to a couple who had a Grand Caravan. They had build a...
  5. The more we know the better the aedvice.

    To add to Michael's response, you have not told us what makes up my family. If this includes young children, I would not count on being able to do 1300 miles in two days. Besides needing to stop...
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    Not all hostels would be recommended.

    There is only one hostel in NYC at which I would advice anyone to stay - the HI on Amsterdam Avenue. It has 600+ beds plus private rooms. Several well appointed kitchens as well as dining rooms...
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    I did it, but......

    To add to all of the above. I agree with all that has been stated.

    My vehicle is set up for sleeping. I parked one night in NJ at a truck stop. Not a very nice one, but then, nice ones...
  8. Sticky: Discoveries olong the way

    I too like to find out about the things I see along the way, and learn more about them. Then when I know more, I want to go back and see/experience those places again. It is one of the reasons...
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    Good maps will help you with your planning.

    Like Donna, I was going to suggest you get yourself an atlas of the US. If you were to order a Rand McNally (there is none better!) via the link at the bottom of this page, you would have it in a...
  10. A few places along your way which I enjoyed.

    Keith, check ouit Kearney, with the covered bridge over I-80 nearby. A neat little town, and the bridge was interesting, giving a history of the area. I only had time to go through the ground...
  11. Too long for a sermon maybe, but not for a trip report.

    So far I have enjoyed every word - not boring at all!

    For those wishing to go there, the detail in your relating the adventure could be of great interest. For those who have been there, it...
  12. You'll be fine.

    As a senior female and solo traveller, who like you, knows nothing about cars, I have broken down twice on long trips, in the last three months. As mentioned above by others, my vehicle has 175000+...
  13. CAA State maps and State issued maps.

    Getting a CAA membership before a trip like this is a good idea. Especially if he does not already have roadside assistance through some other source. CAA will cover him through all of the United...
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    A small slip up.

    I suspect Buck missed the fact that this trip is taking place well into November. By that time Yellowstone will most likely be closed to vehicular traffic. Winter comes early at that elevation.
  15. Scenic routes galore!

    When it comes to scenic routes in PA, NY and VA, there is no shortage of them. I've just spent some weeks in that corner of the States mostly on scenic routes, tying many together to make one long...
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    Think of reversing the trip.

    Welcome to the great American Roadtrip Forum.

    The first thing I would suggest is that you reverse your trip and go down the coast on your way to SD. that way you will have the ocean and all the...
  17. It's in the mystery.

    Yeah great report - thanks!

    Dave I do too. My roadtrip is a mystery every single day. Means I chance upon the most wonderful sights and attractions. With a little help from my friend we sort...
  18. Beautiful Idaho.

    It's hard to find a route through ID which is not beautiful. Many of the off-the-beaten-path roads are full of lesser known attractions and history. There's a great book I once had which was full...
  19. Make it YOUR trip.

    There is no such thing as a generic recommended route. It all depends on what you want to see/do along the way, between the major destinations you have alread chosen. Once you have those points...
  20. A better start to your trip.

    Coming off a long haul flight, no matter what time of the day you arrive, it would not be wise to drive that same day. That first day and first night should be spent in LA, preferably close to the...
  21. Beware! Wi8ldfires.

    I'd steer clear of CO in the next week or two. There are multiple large wildfires flaring across the State. If the fires do not impact your trip, the smoke from them is very likely to.

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    Sticky: Didn't see you!

    Interesting report. So you were hanging around the New England States at the same time I was. Actually I am still in NH for another day, then back to Boston. However my interests and ability to...
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    Looking forward to it.

    You could do either, but we do have a special forum where you can post a trip report, complete with photos, etc. We are always interested to read how the trip went, see your pictures and follow...
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    Alt14 would be my choice.

    Both 14 and Alt14 are magnificent drives. Turn off near Sheridan and through Daytona, up onto the high plains. Be sure to stop at the Medicine Wheel (Alt14) and watch for the wildlife on the...
  25. Travelling with elderly parents.

    A red flag which jumped out at me is, if you are retired, what age are your parents? That vehicle is not the most comfortable to sit in all day, five days in a row, not like a sedan, and at an...
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