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  1. Sticky: a big bargain for me.

    AZ Buck suggested that I include the cost of shipping. (They paid for shipping from Denver to North Carolina and then back to me in Las Vegas.) -- but the service has a flat rate.

    It was about...
  2. Sticky: "Cutting Edge Service" indeed!

    "Cutting Edge Service" indeed!
  3. Sticky: knife arrived at the office

    I didn't receive the tracking number from, but the knife arrived at the office yesterday!

    All Good.

  4. Sticky: provides a tracking number

    Follow-up: provides a tracking number for shipments placed by MailSafe Express. I will update this thread as my knife travels across the country.

  5. Sticky: KUDOS TO AN AWESOME SERVICE: MailSafe Express

    A couple of weeks ago I was at the Denver airport and had already sent my carry-on bag and my checked bag through the TSA Security checkpoint when I remembered I still had my tactical knife in my...
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